Juuden-chan is Ready to Fight This Summer

Topic started by gia on March 16, 2009. Last post by MadsWare 5 years, 11 months ago.
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Dengeki Online has new art and design shots for the upcoming summer anime adaptation of Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! is being developed into a new TV anime. Created by Bow Ditama, creator of KissxSis and Mahoromatic, Juuden-chan!! is described as a “slightly fetish ecchi heartwarming action comedy” (which, frankly, describes Mahoromatic fairly well also).

The show is directed by Shinchirou Kimura (alias Kimushin), who has directed kid-friendly fare like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and romantic comedies like Maburaho and, confusingly enough, Mahoraba. I loved Mahoromatic and Snow Fairy Sugar, so I'm looking forward to the project!

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You had me at ecchi. Really, ecchi hasn't really stood out for me since Eiken
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This would be really hot, if it wasn't for that extra thing of skin at the top of her ass crack.  Creeps me the hell out.
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Ecchi, you say? Sold. (Well, at least I'll watch the first episode.) But for a moment there I thought the thread title was "Jubei-chan"... that really got my hopes up for a millisecond, only to discover the cold, hard truth a bit later. hehehe.
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jlrm01: Jubei-chan WAS great. AND ecchi.
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lol I Click on the thread and a big a$$ popped up, you know how to get my attention GiaXD
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Love the look of this Anime, Cant wait too see it !! :3
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