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An official from Namco revealed the specs for the new J-World Tokyo indoor theme park on Monday. The Shonen Jump magazine-themed theme park will be on the third floor of the Sunshine City World Import Mart Building in Tokyo's Ikebukuro ward. Five main attractions are being prepared for the park's opening on July 11:

One Piece Attraction: “Soldier Dock Adventure”

Passengers ride on the Mini Merry or Shark Submerge III-themed cars through a hall with large screens projecting images of the One Piece world. Perona's ghosts will make an appearance during the ride. The attraction costs 800 (about US$8) yen to ride.

One Piece Attraction: “Shiro Mokuba's Revolving Vaulting Horse”

A carousel designed after the individual Shiro Mokuba craft of the Straw Hat Pirates' Soldier Dock System. The attraction costs 400 yen (US$4) to ride.

Naruto Attraction: “Fierce Fighting! Shinobi Picture Scroll!!”

The player takes the role of a Konoha shinobi on Kakashi's team to fulfill a mission. The player must rely on audio cues from a high-ranking shinobi to accomplish the mission in the maze. The attraction costs 800 yen (US$8) to enter.

Dragon Ball Attraction: “Let's Get It! Dragon Ball!!”

The player is given a Dragon Radar to help them search for the Dragon Balls hidden in the area. Those who collect all seven can call upon the dragon god.

Dragon Ball Attraction: “Let's Unleash It! Kamehameha!!”

The player stands in front of an interactive screen and defeats enemies alongside Goku with the Kamehameha attack. The attraction costs 800 yen (US$8).

The theme park also has a “Heroes Arena,” which contains many mini attractions from the Gintama, Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo, Toriko, Bleach, and Hunter X Hunter manga and anime. More themed attractions from different series are scheduled to be announced at a later time.

The J-World Kitchen serves as the park's food court, and has over 30 different foods on themed after Shonen Jump manga series and their characters. A "Cafe Mademoiselle" restaurant will feature all One Piece foods and desserts in the One Piece area.

Chopper's Rumble Meatball Pasta
Naruto's Ichiban Ramen Dattebayo!
Majin Buu Bun

Gintoki's Strawberry Parfait

A J-World store selling goods for the anime and manga will also be available, as well as an Amusement Arena arcade area.

J-World Store

Amusement Arena

Namco's Namja Town in Ikebukuro has been closed from January until summer for renovation. When it reopens, Namja Town will take up only the second floor of the Sunshine City World Import Mart Building, instead of the second and third floors. J-World Tokyo will be taking the third floor in its place. Namja Town is also slated for a campaign with the Corpse Party video game series when the park reopens this summer.

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All the attractions seem kinda lame to me. There aren't roller coasters and the alternatives aren't Universal Studios quality stuff to make up for it.
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@sickVisionz: Yeah. Seems more like a museum than an amusement park.

Cool idea though.

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still good enough to get some toriko merchandise because i havent seen any so far. im also impressed there is dragon ball food one piece food and gintama food but no food from toriko? isnt that a sin???

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