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The anime started in 2012 and so far has covered all of part 1 phantom blood and is currently nearing the end of part 2 battle tendency. Idk if they plan to animate part 3 stardust crusaders since it was covered in OVA's years back, anyone know if they plan to stop after part 2 or if they'll continue with parts 3, 4, 5 ect?

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I hear they will continue all the way to part five, but I not sure (since I got the info from my friend)

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David Production are working on the Hyper Dimension Neptunia anime. Jojo is taking a break, I guess they'll animate more eventually, since they sold quite a lot of Blurays for the series so far.
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The first two volumes sold really well, and there's going to be an announcement with episode 25 in 2 days. We might get a new season announcement, but it could be something stupid like announcing Cars being in All Star Battle.

The OVAs are super abridged and lacking in almost any style/charm, and David Pro. would be stupid not to adapt Japan's favorite arc.

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They might put it aside for awhile, but they're definitely animating part 3. JJBA is their highest selling-anime of all time. The sales, particularly blue-ray, are astonishing. They're not going to stop, especially when part 3 is the most popular arc.

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I hear they maybe doing part 3 in the near future.
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Yes, after part 2 is over they are taking a break (Likely until the end of this year or something and then starting part 3, but they already have the designs for part 3, it was inth e recent cardass: 
The same animator who did the parts 1 and 2 anime did the cards as seen with Stroheim: 
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^ Yare Yare Daze....
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