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Just thought it would be nice to share some awesome Japanese tunes with you guys! It would be nice, if people like this, to post one of these up once a week. Since I know everyone has a vastly different taste in music, I'll make 3 categories! 


This week's j-pop pick is Ai Otsuka's Cherish. You may have heard this one in a lovely video known as "Draw With Me" which you can look up on youtube if you're interested. Without further ado, here is Cherish!


 You might recognize this singer's voice from Kuroshitsuji II. Here I bring you a different song from The Gazette. This one's called Vortex. No. There wont be any demon butlers. Sorry Team Alois. But it's good for those Kuroshitsuji haters!

Anime Op/Ed

 And here's where I'll take a random opening or ending from an anime, give you the low down on the anime, and you fanboy/fangirl in the comments below.
This one's the opening to a two episode OVA called " Switch". It's a much longer manga series written and drawn by ' Naked Ape'. It's got a similar tone as the ever popular Death Note, but without all the magical notebooks and death gods. Switch is about Hal and Kai, who're a pair of bad-ass cops who take down druggies and drug organizations alike.

 So... what did you think for a first go? Did you like the music? Do you think I should have more categories? So you just want me to shut up? Lemmie know! 
If you have any suggestions for bands/songs/openings/endings or categories, feel free to let me know via pm, the comments, or twitter (@superevil225). Thanks for checking this out! See ya next time!
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I think this is a cool idea. I'm interested to see what you post next. I used to listen to a J-Pop podcast a few years ago, but it dried up so I've had to hunt-and-seek on my own. That's not always too easy. It might be cool to include something off this week's pop music Top-10 from Japan. For example NMB48's "Oh My God" or Bump of Chicken"s "Zero" are the number one song this week depending on which tracking chart you read.

By the way, I really liked Ai Otsuka's "Cherish" above. It starts out okay, but then it gets really interesting at around 2 minutes in. I went and found a full version of the video on a different site than YouTube. I tend to prefer J-Pop over J-Rock but I have nothing against the latter, either. Part of it is a lack of knowledge but it's also a lack of interest in rock in general these days. I listen to mostly J-Pop and traditional jazz when I'm in the mood for some music. I can't say that American and British rock bore me, but they aren't cheerful enough for my current needs. Either way, I also checked out the Gazette song, and it was okay, but not to my taste. Finally, I liked the opening to Switch even if the song didn't move me much. I heard about the series a bit back and this makes me even more intrigued.

Keep up the good work!

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@PenguinDust: :) Thanks! 
 I'm not a huge fan of hard core j-rock either, but I thought it would be good to diversify. Thanks for checking this out! I was a big worried nobody would be interested. XD I love jazz too! Ooh! I've got an idea for next week you're going to like. XD Switch is really good. I highly recommend it. It's worth it to read the manga as well.
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Cherish sounds so familiar....I think I may have come across it while searching for anime amvs on Youtube.

I liked the first one, the second one was a little too loud and there was too much yelling for my tastes. The OVA opening good. I always like the unique animation that are in openings and endings.

I think the categories are good so far, then again, you may end up adding or taking out categories depending on the music you find, new ideas you may get, and probably other users' suggestions.

Nice blog overall! Looking forward to the other songs you'll be sharing with us next time.

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@Superevil225: Great thread, I was kind of looking for one as such.

Been addicted to these guys for like a week now.

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The song you posted reminded me of the 5th Naruto opening song, it's by the same guys; here's the full version:

Since you said you were addicted to them, it's most-likely you have already ran into this song, but I linked it just in case you haven't yet.

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@KuroNekoXIII: I noticed that they did the OP for Naruto during my time listening to them. I found that to be pretty interesting, I guess they're a pretty prominent band. Not a big Naruto fan, but all in all that's pretty cool just the same. I discovered these guys by watching Densha Otoko. I must also say that this song didn't really stick out too much for me though. I would love to see these guys live, by watching those videos they seem to put on an awesome show.

That's pretty much how I discover all the Japanese music I listen to. Loved the Pillows in FLCL, and they are equally awesome overall. The Back Horn from Gundam 00, and they are also equally awesome.

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! haven't watched Densha Otoko, so I wouldn't know; but I have that Naruto opening on my playlist, so after hearing the song you posted I noticed how the instrumentals and vocals were so similar. They do have a unique music style, I'll admit :P

Yea I discover the Japanese music I listen to through the anime I watch. It's always the openings and endings that give me a taste to the different bands out there, then I start doing my own surfing. The Pillows are a cool band, I've heard their music before. I haven't checked out the Back Horn yet, I'll be sure to though. My top three bands are Home Made 家族, Aqua Timez, and FLOW. I listen to their music all the time :P

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@KuroNekoXIII: I'm sorry, I really couldn't get through Home Made 家族, it's just not my style. Aqua Timez really wasn't either, but it was very refreshing, and I could see myself becoming to like them more. FLOW was actually pretty cool. Nice variety.

I love the guitar on this one, but I'd say that Miracle is probably a bigger hit.

This is a pretty awesome song though. These guys have an interesting back story to them if you read up on them.

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I don't know why I didn't see this topic before, lol.

@Superevil225: Does a song have to be relatively recent to be in this topic? Also, in regards to the songs you posted. Cherish reminded me of the opening from Witch Hunter Robin and the song itself was pretty nice. The Gazzette song was a bit of a miss for me, i've heard a few songs by them and they don't do much for me. The Switch opening reminded me of Black Lagoon for some reason and I'm not sure why.

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@The_Desert_Tiger: Relatively. Like around the last few years. :3 
The Switch opening reminds me of Death Note actually. The two are kinda similar in regards to animation style and themes. XD
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@Superevil225: Yeah, I can see the Death Note vibe to it. It also looks like if Light teamed up with the guy from Star Driver.

In terms of the categories;

For J-Rock - I was going to post some old X Japan songs but since this is a topic about newer music I chose the song Jade which will be on their first worldwide cd.

What can i say? I love cheesy battle anime openings.

Not sure if this counts as J-Pop but this is a song i really like from a few years back.

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@The_Desert_Tiger: Kushida Akira is pretty awesome. I discovered him from Sunabouzu, thought the song was ridiculous.

Cheezey intros are great, don't sweat it too much. ガッツ! Guts! ガッツ! I love the gairaigo.

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Okay, I think I'll try to follow the "proper" format this time.


Okay, so I'm going to go with ClariS. You might recognize their Irony from the Ore-Imo OP. It's my understanding that they were just two school students who started singing Supercell songs, and soon enough someone signed them. They only have a couple singles out right now, but I'm sure they'll be busy. I think they're doing the OP for Nisemonogatari, and Madoko-Magica.


Well I haven't really discovered any new bands so I'll just post something I'm sure many of you are familiar with. The Pillows. Most notable for their work on FLCL I should think. But the thing is, they're a pretty solid band and have been around for some time. Even releasing new music. This is from their 2011 album Horn Again I do believe. It's a pretty good album overall and I enjoy every song on it.

Anime OP

I simply just have to go with one of my favorites, if not my favorite OP song. From Hellsing, here it is. (Yasushi Ishii) (By the way, that's the only thing that show had going for it. It essentially saved the entire show from disaster for me, but that's neither here nor there.) Still though, it's a pretty cool OP.

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If you haven't heard Soil & Pimp Sessions, then you haven't lived. I first heard of these guys in the previews and then the OP of Michiko to Hatchin anime, and got hooked on their fast-paced jazzy riffs ever since.

They even did a classy remix of the Lupin III theme.

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