Is there an Anime Scene it?

Topic started by LordCraven on March 27, 2011. Last post by PenguinDust 3 years, 10 months ago.
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Hey I wuz just wondering if there was a Anime version of Scene it or something similar. 
are there any in japan? is there a translation?  
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i wish but i would probably want it to be based around dbz or naruto
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What is Scene It?
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a dvd trivia game 
I don't think they have an anime version but maybe there is something similar?
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It's probably a little too niche for wide sale.  I know that sounds ridiculous since there's a Harry Potter version, but Potter's more mainstream.  CNN and other press media cover Potter more regularly.   I think there might be some sort of licensing issues too.  The company would probably need to get the permission of the Japanese studios and the North American license holder.  It might be a bit easier with the film studios than it is with each anime studio as well as Funimation, Crunchyroll, 4Kids, Viz and whoever is still around.  That's my guess, at least.  There's a Star Trek Scene It but no Star Wars Scene it.  I guess Lucas just didn't like the product or he wants to do his own version.  Odd though, I always thought Lucas liked money.  
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