Is The Truth (FMA) Omnipotent?

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It is heavily implied that he is but nothing concretely says so, the reason for his lack of feats is because he seems to revolve around the idea of deism (a god/all powerful being who may set things in motion but does not interact directly in the world) in other words a very laissez faire god.

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Pretty much. It doesn't help that the rest of the verse is comprised of Street levelers in most part. There's no powerful being to scale him from aside from Father who is not that great.

Btw, I think this technically goes in the FMA forum.

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Probably an omnipotent. Anyways, it doesn't really makes an omnipotent being somebody who would fix or fight and set things easily except if being used in a battle discussion. Truth being absorbed by Father might or might not disprove Truth's omnipotence. But due to lack of feats, Truth is an another questionable.

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Thread moved.

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Truth is Multiversal.

@taichokage: Roy is above City busting in a rainy day if he so desires actually.

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