Is Negima close to DBZ in terms of Power?

Topic started by Jinbeifan1 on March 3, 2012. Last post by Greysmokeman 3 years ago.
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well the title says everything. how close is negima in terms of power and speed to DBZ? just saiyan saga level? lower? higher? its been bugging me so please someone give me an answer please!

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cmon people i want somebody to give me an idea about it!!!

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Powerful yes but not quite Z caliber. I'd say Negi characters can trash hst characters (although some bleach characters would be real trouble) but not Z characters. The likes of Majin Buu for instance would be completely beyond what they could handle, among other characters.
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From what I've heard of their current capabilities, they could be a match for DBZ characters around Saiyan saga due to hax abilities and superior speed, but would be screwed against those from Frieza saga and beyond due to greater speed advantage and destructive potential.
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im not sure...

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