Is anybody else creating or created their own manga?

Topic started by LuffyDUzumaki on June 5, 2012. Last post by takashichea 1 year, 4 months ago.
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Im in the process of making mine its a lot harder than I thought its a battle shounen though.

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I haven't made one yet.... but I already have the entire plot line, characters, character development, ect.... mine would also be an action manga. I want to make the most powerful manga/comic in existence

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I haven't made one either yet though I came up with an entire story and plot, characters, and all.. When I come up with stories I usually base it all on the people around me, friends, enemies, etc and imagine them on how they would look and what would they be in a manga. Mine is basically  like a Shounen too but with some romance and drama along. 
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Not good enough

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I've got so many manga ideas, I can't even count it XD For most of them I got the basic plot and main characters down, but I didn't flesh them out too much.

Currently I'm investing my time in creating a shounen / realistic manga; my inspiration stemming from current world events. I'm hoping to have at least the first chapter (30 to 40 pages) done by the end of this year XD

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I'm not good at art so I'm waiting for a partner. I've been working on writing mine as scripts but haven't worked on my main project in a long time. I have about 20 original ideas just waiting for me to get down to business.

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Not really. My plans would be more suited for an animé rather than a manga since I can't draw for shit any more.

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I'm doing one called Daemon Tales, I'm only writting. We're trying to get it published or in any case I'll make it into a webcomic. Unluckly for most of the users here, I'm making it in Spanish.

I'm also making an anime-styled RPG handbook, with my own setting and rules, and I have at least 10 other ideas for manga with detailed characters and setting descriptions...

You should check in Deviantart forums to look for an artist partner

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