Ifurita: My First Anime Hero

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Who was your first anime hero, or are you still waiting for one?  Mine was Ifurita from Anime International Company's 7-episode 1995-96 series El-Hazard:  The Magnificent World directed by Hiroki Hayashi.  Ifurita was the most interesting character in that series, as far as I'm concerned.  Sure, there were other worthy characters:  Masamichi Fujisawa, Nanami Jinnai, Afura Mann, Miz Mishtal, Shayla-Shayla,  Alielle Relryle, Ura and Rune Venus.  Yet it was "Iffy" who captured my imagination -- and my heart, too.

Being new to anime when El-Hazard:  The Magnificent World hit the streets, I hadn't yet learned Fandom's First Commandment:  "Thou shalt hate all sexually-attractive female characters."  Such an expectation had never occurred to me!  But I digress.  Ifurita immediately became our household god, because she was complicated and dark.  In fact, it was that complexity and darkness which go her cut from future El-Hazard series:  "They'll never accept her in North America."

Silly me, I'd been living in North America for most of my life and I had no trouble accepting original-video-animation Ifurita.  Nobody had told me I wasn't supposed to like her!  If they had I'd have recommended they engage in activity which, when you think about it, seems darn near impossible.  What we did get in North America was a television-series character whose name was Ifurita but who, via her ditzy and dysfunctional persona,  bore no resemblance to the fascinating OVA Ifurita.  Anyway, once "Iffy" gained use of free will she became the most articulate and wise character  in all of El-Hazard -- let alone in Roshtaria and Floristica.  I sure miss Ifurita.  I hope she's happily hibernating and enjoying pleasant dreams or, alternatively, I hope she's having a great time somewhere.

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My namesake pretty much says it all. Wing was my first Gundam show and one of my first anime, and Heero always struck me as the quiet guy who even when everyone else screwed up would still get the job done. For me he was pretty much a role model.

Man, I haven't seen El Hazard in years...
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HeeroYuy, that sounds like my kind of guy:  "....the quiet guy who even when everyone else screwed up would still get the job done."  I appreciate such qualities in real-life people as well as in fictitious characters!

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anime hero hu, well i dount have one, but in my opinion i hate that  character style, sorry
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