If you were in Yu-Gi-Oh!...

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If you were in Yu-Gi-Oh!...

Are you human, duel spirit, yami spirit, god, etc.

Are you good, evil, or neutral?

What Generation are you from? 1,2,3, or 4? Or are you from a gen in the past or future?

What do you look like? Hair (gotta have crazy hair), clothes, body type, etc. What does your duel disc look like? Or do you not use one? Duel gazer? (ugh...)

Where do you live? A house, apartment, mansion, at the duel academy, in a palace, in a cardboard box, in a card, in the shadow realm, in a millenium item, in a stupid looking key, etc.

Any special items or possesions? A millenium item, a dragon-shaped jet, a duel runner, a stupid looking key, etc.

What type of deck do you use? Warrior, Water, Fire, Dragon, etc. What are some of your best cards? What is your absolute best/rarest card?

What is your life like? What do you do? Are you a regular duelist, a duel champion, a rare hunter, billionaire, student, maniac bent on world domination, a powerful god, a scrawny punk with no talent, etc.

What do you duel for? For fun, to win tournaments, to win the best cards, to prove a point, or for some specific goal?

Who do you know? Any characters? Any relationships?

Who have you dueled? Protagonists, rare hunters, major villains, etc. How easily did you beat Yuma?

What have you done? Won a tournament, collected all the God cards, saved the world, conquered the world, won duels that you had no business winning due to barely knowing how to play, etc.

Did you take part in any events? Duelist kingdom, battle city tournament, virtual world, battle with Oricalcos, battle with the light, battle with the supreme king, journey to the past, earthbound immortals, etc.

Were you in any movies?

As always feel free to answer as many as you please or go beyond the questions.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you all!

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  • Human
  • Good
  • 5ds
  • Black version of Yami's clothes. 6ft tall. Basic duel disk. And a Gold Duel Runner.
  • I live in an apartment.
  • Special Items are for chumps.
  • I use a Warrior/Dragon deck. Dark Magician and Buster Blader are my favorite cards. I have the Egyptian God Cards.
  • I am a duel champion and a super fly rich playboy.
  • I duel for the love of the game and to put losers in their place.
  • Misty Lola is my wife. Yusei and crew are my buddies.
  • I dueled everyone. I lost to Yusei once due to plot. But defeated him in a rematch.
  • I won championships, collected god cards, and helped save the world.
  • I traveled to the past and help Yugi and Judai a few times as well.
  • 1 movie.
  • @UltimateHero0406: Happy Holiday bro!
Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@SpeedForceSpider: Nice character. And Happy holidays to you too bro!

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