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If you were in Naruto what would you be like? First off, are you good, bad or neutral. In this world of ninjas, it makes all the difference. Are you a Regular human, Ninja, Samurai, Summon creature, Tailed Beast, Animal, Demon, etc.

What time period do you live in? In the very beginning with the Sage of Six Paths? The founding of the Hidden Leaf? During one of the previous ninja wars? Present Day?

What's your chakra release? Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning? More than 1? How about a special release like lava, crystal, dust, etc. Do you have a kekkai genkai? Any optical jutsu? Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan, etc.? Do you have a summon contract? What creatures do you use?

What is your specialty? Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, healing, rituals, etc. Do you use a special justu like fang over fang, expansion, shadow possession, etc. Or did you invent your own? Are you using any forbidden jutsu? Does your body have any mutations like healing skin, growths, melting body, etc. Or did you undergo surgery to obtain these powers?

What is your life like? If your a ninja, what rank are you? Genin, Chunin, Jonin, Hokage, special faction, etc.? If your a Jonin, do you have a team? Or are you in Black ops? How about the foundation? Or the Akatsuki? What clan are you in? Inuzuka, Akamichi, Hyuga, Uchiha, etc. Or did you found your own clan? Or are you a rogue ninja? How about a noble or royalty?

Any friends? Do you know any of the characters or have a special relationship with anyone?

What do you wear? Do you wear any customized uniforms or gear or wear your headband a certain way? Do you have any weapons like a sword or ax or special tools like puppets or an animal?

Where do you stay? What village do you live in? Leaf, Sand, Cloud, stone, etc. Or Do you have your own village somewhere else? If so, where is it? The land of Iron, Land of Tea? etc. Do you live within the village in a house or apartment or do you live out side of the village? In the forest or desert? Do you have a secret hideout? Any landmarks nearby? Or if your a summon creature, what domain do you live in?

Any adventures? Have you or a group of people gone on any missions anywhere? Were you in the Chunin exams, help search for Sasuke, etc ? What were you doing in special events? Rescue the Kazekage, Revival of the 12 guardians, journey to the hidden Cloud village, the current war, etc.

Were you in any movies? Are you a playable character in any video games?

Your are making your own independent squad with whoever you want from anywhere in the Narutoverse. Just no deceased/sealed characters. You can also name this squad, have a headquarters wherever you want, create your own uniform, and set out for whatever goal you wish. Up to 8 characters including yourself.

CHALLENGERS APPROACHING!!! The dimensional wall between the Shounenverses tears. A character(s) come through, or you go into their world. What happens next? Do you meet a villain that threatens the world? Does a hero come through and help you save the world? Do you simply fight one of these newcomers? Or just hang out?

Answer as many as you want or feel free to go beyond the questions.

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I would be a neutral (although my version of neutral would be one most Naruto fans label as bad) ninja who "failed" the graduation exams who grew up in the modern era. I put failed in quotes because I'd have the skills to do it, but I'd fail on purpose. The reward for graduation is that you earn the right to put your life on the line for bullshit escort missions and other completely unimportant crap or go out and fight ridiculously overpowered enemies with abilities such as boy stealing, immortality, organ harvesting, virtual torture, blood thirsty demon possession... and the pay is hot garbage! Yeah, no thanks.

I will take those shadow clones and use them to totally blow through middle school and high school at turbo speeds, get scholarships to attend like 5 colleges at once and then hold down 10 jobs for 10x income at once and be able to retire at like age 21.

I'll keep grinding until I'm 30 and then I'll create a ninjutsu library where I hire the best and brightest to research stuff. I'll probably keep Orochimaru and Kabuto on retainer just to fund them and add their research to the collection. I want to learn Edo Tensei so that I can resurrect a ninja, kill myself, then have them Edo me into an eternal infinite chakra body that's been hacked to have the 1st Hokage's cells and Sharingan eyes if possible. After that, I can continue training and getting money for all eternity. After a few hundred years of getting money via business ventures, I'll travel the land like Caine from Kung-fu and expand my reach across the ninja world with the dream of eventually establishing a village outwardly focused on children and families but secretly being one massive laboratory to pioneer in fields like in vitro bloodline trait bio engineering, curse seal pathology, multi-chakra via foreign organs.

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@UltimateHero0406: Feel free to do your's too man.

  • I would live in the present day
  • My chakra release would be lightning and fire.
  • I would be an Uchiha of course. So I wasn't killed in the massacre raised in secrecy found by Mifune. Taught to be a samurai and I grow up and meet Madara and learn more about my roots. I'd have Sharingan and later Rinnegan.
  • I would train and master ninjutsu and taijutsu under my own power. And have the Senju cells to evolve my Sharingan. I'd have kill my best friend because he betrayed me and get the Mangekyo as well.
  • I find and become a leader of my own clan of followers. We build a small remote village near the Leaf and I have alliances with the Leaf and other nations.
  • I visit the Leaf regularly and I eventually wife up Hinata Hyuga because she deserves a real man. Koyuki Kazahana and Ayame(Ramen shop lady) are my concubines/second wives. I become friends with people from many lands. And eventually become a young father.
  • I wear a armor like to Madara's except its black instead of red and a long black Leaf headband.
  • I go on many missions to aid my comrades, protect my home, and strengthen my alliances with other nations.
  • I am in many movies.
  • I am a secret character in the games because I am hax.
  • I usually work alone but Hinata and my samurai brethren would assist me sometimes.
  • I am chill and friendly so new world challengers would be my buddy and we would chill and spar.
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First, I'll bond with Kurama, so we be good buddies

Then, I will beat Tobi up, so badly. By having Kakashi send one of my shadow clone to his dimension

Last, I'll kill Sasuke

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I'd be a bad guy who originally worked for Orochimaru but is now more of a free lance mercenary who'll do anything if the price is right. My first major act in the current Narutoverse was to take out the Sand's Kage during the Chuunin exam, which I did with ease.

I specialise in Holy type chakra which is a mix of all 5 elements. My attacks are similar to the ones Sting uses from Fairy Tail. The holy chakra type is a unique Kekkei Genkai which has only ever been seen in me. It's completely un-copyable.

I'm formidable in all types of fighting techniques, especially ninjutsu due to my unique Kekkei Genkai.

I appear in my own own movie as a bad guy at the start, who was hired by an evil emperor of a new country which was trying to take over the Leaf. I was easily able to overpower Naruto and co but through their actions I realised that it was a mistake and for the first time ever I went back on my contract. I then proceed to single handidly destroy the entire country.

During the events of the current story, while wandering through a forest I stumbled across 1000 Zetsu clones preparing for attack. I ready myself to take them all down.

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Overall neutral ninja during the time before the founding of Konoha, when life was filled with wars.

Chakra Natures- Katon, Raiton, Doton

Kekkai Genkai- Sharingan

Summoning Contract- Hawk

Speciality- Decent in the basic areas of Nin, Tai, and Genjutsu, with a specialization on Genjutsu specifically. Also excellent Kenjutsu skills.

Advanced healing due to experiments I performed on myself in order to increase my power.

Classification- Rogue member of the Uchiha Clan, former high ranking member. I abandoned the clan after another member killed my friend to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan and wasn't punished for the crime. I now work as a mercenary and bounty hunter, and I seek vengeance upon the clan.

Relationships- Friend to Madara and Izuna Uchiha, rival to Tobirama Senju.

Clothing-Black bodysuit, similar to the ANBU of the present day along with the same armor they possess. Mine simply happens to be a deep blood red. I possess a tiger mask and keep it attached to my left shoulder. I carry two ninja pouches, one at each side.

Weapons-Various amounts of kunai, shuriken, and scrolls. A respirator similar to Hanzo's is always in one of my pouches just in case, and I possess a katana and a tanto.

Residence- No set place, though I have bases set up in lands that will one day become the land of fire, wind, and lightning.

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I am on the side of good (hence my name). I am a ninja living in current times .

I have wind, fire, and lightning release chakra, I have a the Sharingan, and a summon contract with giant armored tigers. I can also combine fire and lightning chakra to crate laser style.

I specialize in both offensive and healing ninjutsu, although I also excel at taijutsu and have proficiency in genjutsu. My most common jutsu are shadow clones, chidori, fire ball, inner gates, and rising dragon. I also invented a few jutsu. I made one that utilizes my wind style allowing me to fly long distances, and laser style attacks that cut through anything they touch. I also learned Kirin, and flying thunder god. I have a permanent Mangekyou Sharingan as well. I am also quite fast. My speed is on par with the Raikage since he had a hand in my training and has greatly increased since then. But I don't show it off to many people.

I am a Jonin level ninja although I have fought on a level far beyond it. I have a Sharingan so I am part of the Uchiha clan. However, only my father was from the Uchiha. My mother was from the Hidden Cloud.

While I was still young and before the Uchiha revolt, my parents and I moved to the hidden cloud where I met Killer B. He trained me for a while and we went on a few missions together. I also befriended Yugito Nii-sensei before she was captured. After I was old enough, I moved back to the hidden leaf and became a Leaf ninja, and became a jonin. I became friends with Kakashi and Guy after going on a few missions with them. I often hang out with Anko. I believe it is going somewhere. :)

I wear pretty normal clothes and my head band on my forehead. Only on important missions do I bother to wear my vest. However, I do have two metal gauntlet that I wear into combat. There are special crystals on them that augment my laser style. I carry around typical ninja tools on me. I also have a katana that I can focus my wind chakra through to increase its cutting power.

I live in an apartment in the hidden leaf village.

I assisted Anko, Neji, and some other Jonin on a mission to liberate a village a bit of a distance away in the land of fire. During the revival of the guardians, I fought off quite a few zombies. I told Naruto to say hi to my family when he got to the hidden Cloud. As of now, I am fighting my way towards Kabuto so I can rescue Anko. I will, no matter what it takes!

I was in a couple of movies here and there. You also have to download my character for the ninja storm games.

I assembled a group of people that I bring with me on missions from time to time. It consists of myself, Kiba Inuzuka/Akamaru, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, Genma Shiranui, and Anko Mitarashi. Konohameru is an honorary member.

One time, I met Goku and I kicked his ass. Nah jk. We just chilled.

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