If you were in Megaman...

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If you were in Megaman:

Would you be good, evil, or neutral

What story are you a part of? Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero, Megaman Legends, Megaman EXE., or are you a part of a new series?

What is your name?

What would you be? Maverick hunter, net navi, FMian, virus, human, etc. Or are you a new type?

What would you look like? Height, weight, armor color, etc.

What weapons do you use? Mega buster, Z saber, etc. What gear do you have? Dash accelerators, jetpack, custom weapon, etc.

How do you fight? Do you rely on a system of cards, copying powers, or something else.

What do you do? What's your primary directive?

Who do you know? Do you know any characters? Who is your Net navi/controller?

What is your life like? Do you go on important missions or just battle for fun or glory? Are you a part of a squad or group?

Who have you fought? What were your best battles?

You guys know the drill. Answer as many as you like or feel free to go past the questions.

Now jack in, Megaman! Execute!

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  • Neutral/Good
  • All of them. I am a time traveler.
  • Name is Speed
  • Human with a special custom armor similar to Megaman Volnutt's to fight like X and Zero and all them.
  • 6ft tall, dark skin, slicked back hair, black armor and a scarf like Protoman's.
  • Z saber and Protoman's shield. I have a jetpack on my back and proton canon I can fire from my suit.
  • My suit's special ability is it can copy the abilities of all opponents I have fought/defeated.
  • Time traveler/adventurer
  • Friends with all Mega Man protagonists and side characters. Protoman is my best friend. Aile from ZX is my girlfriend.
  • Fight for the hell of it. Mostly a loner.
  • Best battle was against Sigma.
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Megaman X and forward

I was once called Breaker but now I am simply called Void

Reploid with black armor similar to Protoman EXE.'s and a mask that lets my mid length black hair hang out the back, and my right hand is a claw with long red blade like fingers.

I use a Megabuster, Longsword, cyclone cannon, jetpack, dash accelerators, an energy projector that lets me use special attacks, and the delete claw. I am also capable of using Dark Hold.

My energy projector allows me to use the attacks Koukasen, Saisshu Ressha , and more. It is fed by the delete claw which has the power to destroy all data, programming, systems, memory, functions, and everything else it's connected to within any machine or system it touches. It is capable of turning the Iron Man suit as well as anything it's connected to into useless circuits or deleting the entire internet and everything connected to the internet if I want. It cannot be copied. My body is the only one capable of handling it.


I have no friends. Only those I wish to delete.

I fight to delete all reploids, viruses, programs, everything.

I had a mighty battle with X and then I deleted him. But his programming survived in a separate off grid server that he copied himself into. Not to worry. I will find him and silence him once more. And then the rest...

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