If you were in Final Fantasy...

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If you were in Final Fantasy:

Are you good, evil, or neutral?

Which series' events would you be a part of? Games (I, II, III,...XII, XIII, XIII-2), spin-off, movie, anime?

What do you look like? Hair, clothes, body type, personality, etc.

How do you fight? White/black/red/blue/time/arcane magic? Or are you more weapon oriented? What do you use? Do you summon monsters? Is your body enhanced? How do you use your materia? What attacks/spells do you do?

What is your life like? Are you a normal person, a monster, a Knight, a Lord, a conqueror, a merc, an agent of SOLDIER, etc.? What rank/class are you?

Where do you live? A palace, barracks, a city, small town, a separate dimension, etc.? Or are you a wanderer?

Do you have any relationships with any of the characters? How did you meet them?

Do you usually work alone or in a group? How many people?

Where you a part of any major events? The Meteor fall, Battle with Sin, any fights with Sephiroth, etc. Any independent missions?

Are you a part of Kingdom Hearts? Can you be summoned?

As always, feel free to answer as many as you want or go beyond the questions.

Mine is comin' soon. Enjoy!

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@UltimateHero0406: Nice set up dude!


All of them. I begin in FFVII world. I travel through some strange wormhole and go on adventures with every protagonist.

Silver Hair, SOLDIER 1st class uniform(no shoulder pads) with Laguna's Jacket, My personality is like Laguna's and Zack's but serious and pensive mostly, I am 6 foot tall

I have SOLDIER enhancements and use every element Magic and have a custom made weapon:

SOLDIER 1st Class with SeeD training.

I wife up Tifa because she was sick of Cloud's faggotry. Faris and Quistis are my mistresses. Zack Fair, Laguna Loire, Kain, and Bart are my good friends.

I fight with Every villain more than once, and Sephiroth is my greatest challenge and enemy.

I appear in all the Kingdom Hearts assisting Sora and gang often while having travels in that universe.

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I would be in VI. I don't really like the rest (except IV and V).

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Good guy

A recurring character in multiple games due to time traveling but I am mainly in XIII's events.

I would have Nero's coat,

short black hair, dark skin, 6'1, and Beowulf gauntlets with the same powers but only when I summon them, other times, regular boots on my feet, and a build that the ladies love. Carefree personality but serious when the time calls for it.

And this hf blade on my waist

I normally fight with my weapons but I also use magic at times

I normally travel in a team. My home is on Gran Pulse but I leave often to go on quests. Nothing official, just taking odd jobs and righting wrongs. I used to be a mercenary but I gave it up after I met my girlfriend Lightning. and going on her mission with her.

I've fought with many characters for one reason of another, (Cloud when we had the same target, Nabaat while protecting some l'Cie and, Zack when he pissed me off, etc.). I also battled with Sephiroth to a draw a couple of times although I never managed to put him down.

I help out in Kingdom Hearts every now and then.

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someone like Cecil , nuff said.

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I'll destroy Tidus and Wakka

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