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Ahh, it is a shame that this manga has obviously began its slow descent to the finishing line. It is because of chapters like this, so short yet so epic that i read these kinds of manga that basically resolve around superpowers and fighting. yet there is no denying that events are moving way too fast and these chapters would have normally been spread out over at least ten chapters. But what can we do? The manga is being pressured to impress and its showing all its cards before time just to stay afloat. whatever


So we learn that all the catastrophic events in history, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, world war 2, a few volcanic eruptions, were all simply the workings of the marvro, results of the experimentation carried out by these so called gods at the expense of humanity. And it seems the black gods have once more turned their attention to humanity. They are planning a new catastrophe, a new experiment as they call it, that will bring about the fall of man once more.

Three mavro are dispatched around the world to begin the attack; one in Russia who begins to engulf everything around him in ice while speaking of how humans are basically trash that must be annihilated; another in china who starts to set off a series of powerful explosions blasting through the city as he talks of the beauty of humanity displayed in their last moments as they die; and the last situated in New York where she begins to literally tear the city apart with a magnetic force, showing little deference for what she calls little creatures trying to rise beyond their ranks.

But the attack will not go unchallenged as white joker, now Hungry Joker, has began to move, not to stop the catastrophes, but to destroy those behind them. Nils intercepts the marvro in Russia, Vivie takes china and Allan Blackman handles New York. The Mavro are astonished at the bravery of the Eureka users, who immediately come under attack, with Nils having his giant bull frozen and torn apart, that they would individually challenge a mavro even though it took multiple Eureka users to take on their weaker brethren in the past.

But hungry joker has thought ahead. Apparently with Haiji and Chitose’s help, they had developed a special pill that draws out an exponential amount of power from the human cells and which when combined with the Eureka power unleashes a surge of power and brings about an evolution. This power, Allan says, differs from that which the Mavro’s use because it’s source is the human body. With this act the three Eureka users evolve and begin th counter attack, making short work of the Mavro.

But the Mavro are far from defeated and one of them speaks of a fourth having dispatched to Japan. This fourth Mavro turns out to be kild himself, but once more Hungry joker had preempted his attack and dispatched there half human half mavro agents Haiji and his assistant Chitose to the site. The chapter closes as haiji descends towards a smiling kild.


Despite all the problems with pacing that this manga is suffering from, i loved these two chapters. They were as action packed as a battle manga should be. This is why i read such manga, where the author has the ability to blow my mind away even when the result is predictable. Anyone reading hungry joker will know by now that the author is clearly moving towards the end; it will be premature but

it will be better than an open ending. He knows that his time is running out and unfortunately these chapters skipped all the bonding and character development we would expect from a series of this type and jumped to the end.. The final result doesn’t look bad, but you can’t help but think of what could have been, how awesome the adventures would have been with these four individuals, and how incredible it would have been to read their subtle but steady development in their quest to stop the Mavro.

With this chapter it is clear that Tabata is basically giving us the cliff notes, focusing on displaying the check points that he probably set up and planned for in the beginning and which he intended to push towards steadily but a chance that shonen jump denied him. None the less this was some creative drawing and writing. In this day and age you will here otaku complaining about how battles are either too short or too long. We need out battles long enough for us to appreciate the struggle involved but not so long that the entire story is stalled. Tabata covered a ten chapter battle in two. Actually he did it in one chapter, with chapter 21 being mostly set up, and with so little to work with i am blown away by how enjoyable the battle was.

The Mavro were awesomely super powered and in a way they put up a pretty good fight and Tabata did what he could to show use the extent of their abilities with the little time available.

I didn’t get Vivie’s evolution and what she was saying about having gained a stable form. When the Mavro nuked the building with that intense fire attack, he was pretty certain that it would annihilate her, even in her stable form. Maybe she mentioned something in the past about possessing some sort of instability in the metal she generates, i don’t know. Either way she kind of reminded me of an awakened being

Nils was awesome without being awesome. We are yet to really see what he can do when pushed do. Clearly he was simply more powerful than the mavro seeing as it admitted that he or rather she had thrown off his ice by sheer force and over whelming power. The illusion mist monster she summoned after was clearly bigger than before but i still want to see more of her power.

Of course my favorite was feakin Allan Blackman. I love this guy. Against his Mavro, he was his usual cool self on the outside, while completely conflicted on the inside. I loved the way he was replying to her threats with cool but cliché lines of confidence while his inner thoughts were torn about whether or not she was flirting with him and if he was really against giving her an honest shot. He got the best action as well, the way he shattered the debris and revealed that he was currently one large oscillating object and not only could she no longer harm or even touch him, but that he had achieved sound speed. This battle was so short and yet SOOO EPIC.

Maybe it’s Tabata’s art. At first glance it isn’t the cleanest and flashiest piece of work you might have ever seen; yet there is a uniqueness to it. Like bleach, Hungry joker tries to do something different with manga art and brings a whole new experience to the reading process.

Chapter 23 is already out, unless i am mistaken that makes three chapters in one week; but i think i will wait until chapter 24 is released. Next battle is Haiji Vs. Kild who, unless i am mistaken, is sort of in charge. And he is with Chitose so we can expect some space bending, light warping madness. Something big has to happen, especially if this is leaning towards the end.

I need to see what Chitose can do and i would hate for the manga to end before her power is is fully revealed. Clearly this is the first phase of the hungry joker plan, to begin eliminating mavro. But what is the Mavro’s actual game plan and where is Haiji’s brother?. Clearly hungry joker has now gathered its strongest hitters and is ready to challenge the Mavro head on. Hopefully there is more to the Mavro plan and tabata has time to show us more before the end.

Finally, i must protest against shonen jump. Reliable sources have claimed that Hungry Joker is pretty much cancelled so we can’t really tell how many more chapters are left. For all we know the next chapter might be the end. I know shonen jump is home to my precious naruto, but REALLY, WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM? ARE THEY REALLY BLIND TO QUALITY WHEN THEY SEE IT. This had the potential to become a new phenomenon in manga. Someone commented that if Naruto, One piece and Bleach had been released today they would have never made it past ten chapters. And i believe them, except for maybe bleach; it had a stronger start than the other two.

RATING: 5/5:> these two chapters were on fire; i think other manga series should take a leaf out of hungry joker’s play book and release two chapters every two weeks. It will allow for readers to get through set up chapters and action chapters at a go, which will improve the level of enjoyment of the story.


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After checking out Hungry Joker Wikia, there is one volume published. I created the page. Not much folks know about this series. Maybe, you should consider posting your chapter review over at Hungry Joker Wikia like how my teammate Sreeniva moved on Fairy Tail Wikia.

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