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From what i have heard, Hungry Joker has managed to escape the bottom five in terms of rankings, for now anyway. We shall just have to wait and see if they keep it up or if it even matters at this point. Maybe the die has already been cast and the manga is heading towards inevitable cancellation. I am starting to get irritated with the rather haphazard release of these chapters. It is like hungry joker comes out whenever it wants, with no real schedule in mind. Either way, it is because of how fast the story moves that it is necessary to review these chapters two at a time.


So Chitose isn’t quite sure about accepting the Eureka, but that might not matter at all as the group encounter a Mavro, most likely after the painting as well. Haiji and Nils aren’t too impressed with his appearance as there are two of them against his one. The mavro is unimpressed with the pair comparing his being to those lesser versions that they had faced prior to the meeting. HE refers to himself as a God and only he may have the privilege of handling the Eureka. Lise seems to agree with him because the moment he uses his eyes on the mavro, he grabs every one and tells them to ran.

But they are not fast enough for the being, who it turns out is in possession of not one but two Eureka, a rock that allows him to manipulate light and a prism that enables him to reflect and refract it. Sufficing to say, he moves faster than they can ran and unleashed a storm of light lasers that shred Lise in his efforts to protect the others.

Haiji and Nils decide to make a stand and, after recovering from their shock that one could wield two whole Eureka, go on the offensive. But it isn’t long before it is proven to them that they are no match for the Mavro’s light powers. The Mavro, bored with the defeated pair, turns his attention to Chitose and would have killed her if not for Haiji’s interference, who then falls pray to the refracting lasers. With a hole in his chest, he goes down, showing a surprising bit of compassion by asking Chitose if she was unharmed in spite of his own injuries.

With Haiji dying or dead, Chitose admits her desire to support Haiji in his quest. The painting comes to life and a stream of blood rising from its surface tears into her chest. She awakens her Eureka powers and transfuses blood into Haiji’s dying/dead body. He revives and a tear appears on the side of his face, crescent shaped. He speaks of having evolved and shows this by deflecting a laser aimed at his arm to the floor, something he couldn’t do before. While the Mavro is surprised by the feat, he is more infuriated by Haiji’s claims to have surpassed God, a claim that Lise vindicates with his eyes by saying that Haiji had risen to a whole other plane.

The Mavro unleashes another barrage of lasers. Haiji creates a black hole in his hand that absorbs them all. The Mavro is so infuriated by his failure that he doesn’t realize that he is already caught in the singularity. He is destroyed.

Elsewhere, the other white joker members are meeting a committee of hire ups. The last bit of business revolves around Haiji, with the committee receiving the confirmation that Haiji is fighting on their side with gladness. The man at the head speaks the time having come to initiate the second phase of there plan. For a long time the Mavro had hunted and preyed on man and his weaknesses. Now the time had come for humanity to retaliate. They would become the hunters and eat the Mavro. White Joker had now become Hungry Joker.


This manga is seriously rushing the story. I am not saying that in a bad way; the fact is i am enjoying hungry joker, but that doesn't change the fact that events are moving pretty quickly. Not long ago Haiji acquired his Eureka, not long after he learnt how to use his Eureka with other Eureka and just 20 chapters since Joker began, he has evolved into a higher form that can create black holes in his hand.Seriously, you don’t see that kind of development for hundred of chapters in a normal manga.

There is White Joker as well. We have barely met any members, barely understood who they are, what they do or how they operate, and now they are ‘evolving’ as well. We haven’t seen much Mavro madness and rampaging outside of Haiji’s encounters and already the counter attack is beginning.

Again, i will not complain. I get that Yuki Tabata is trying to fight to stay alive. I won’t be surprised if he is planning to end the manga rather than see it cancelled. Either way, i am enjoying the hell out of it. Tabata’s art is amazing. It used to irk me in the beginning, but these days it’s like i am seeing it all in a new light. The man has his own style of drawing and i like it.

The powers are as cool as ever. I am excited to find out exactly what Chitose can do. It’s probably healing, but something she did to Haiji boosted his powers to a point where he could now make black holes. That is quite a jump from levitating buildings and flying. Speaking of which, it was cool to see how Haiji took down this Mavro. The fight itself was actually really well done. It wasn’t simply a matter of lasers raining down from all sides. It was lasers that could make 90 degree turns at any point in time raining in from all directions. The threat was that much higher in that Haiji couldn’t really predict the pattern of attack.

This Mavro was truly superior to all the others. I don’t know why Nils just sat there at watched, but i guess he wouldn’t have been of much good with such an enemy. Speaking of which Lisen-san is proving to be pretty useless in battle. I get the analysis bit of his power but strategy aside, he has no actual physical skills in battle. He is more or less a liability and should leave.

I can’t wait to see the next arc. Clearly we are about to have an invasion. If Hungry joker survives cancellation, then rather moving towards an early ending, this could be the start of a brand new story. Who knows, maybe Yuki Tabata was simply providing us some back story for the arcs to come, which is why he is moving at such a fast pace. We still haven’t seen much of the world or where the Mavro live in the first place. But things are looking good.

HIGHLIGHT: When Haiji creates that black hole and annihilates the Mavro. Then there was a moment in the beginning of chapter 19 when the Mavro asks Haiji to bow to him and he declines. You would have to see the wording and expressions made to understand why it was so funny. Again, Hungry Joker never fails to amuse. Chitose finally proved her self useful. Now the team is complete, just in time for the invasion to begin. This is going to be one hell of a battle.

MY RATING:> 5/5; not once in the past 19 chapters have i been disappointed. This chapter didn’t break that trend. Hungry Joker is a first class manga. And it seems like volume one is out, so you could support the manga by purchasing it from Amazon.

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