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As of late, i can’t help but compare Hungry Joker to what Naruto used to be in the first part, not in terms of story but as far as the comedy was concerned. Even when very little happens as far as important events go, each chapter manages to be as entertaining as i need it to be.


Like i hinted, nothing greatly important happens. Everyone now knows that Haiji is part Mavro and they have come on board to help him unwrap the mysteries of his past and very existence. They head to France, along with Nils (he/she?), new member of white joker, and that other professor guy. The target is the Landsteiner paints, works of art that the wife of Landsteiner, a famous German scientist said to be responsible for the discovery the different types of blood, drew. The professor believes them to be Eureka.

Acquisition of the Eureka becomes a simple matter of writing the highest figures on a check book. But there is someone else at the auction, that someone that has been watching the eccentric group of Eureka wielders. it seems that one Eureka is the maximum any one person can wield, so Haiji, the professor and Nils are incapable of personally laying hands on the object. It all comes down to Chitose who, throughout the chapter, had been mourning about how useless she is becoming in Haiji’s quest and white Joker’s struggle against the Mavro. But just as Chitose tries to determine if she really wants to take that kind of a leap, their new foe makes an appearance.


This is a testament to how much i love this manga, that nothing really happens in this chapter but i actually enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say that nothing happened though, more like very little. We know that the doctor, whose name i forget, posses X-ray related abilities; apparently his Eureka is a rose related to the man that invented X-rays. We know that despite her earlier misgivings as to whether she should continue assisting haiji, Chitose feels some responsibility to aid haiji in anyway she can. Now we get to see just what she can do when given the opportunity. The one thing Hungry joker does so well is invent new and interesting powers to display.

Now we have a painting and it has something to do with blood. I can’t even begin to guess what that power could be. Maybe she will be able to bleed people dry with a stare, i don’t know. One thing is for sure, with the addition of Vivie and Nils, haiji’s team has become a force to be reckoned with. Speaking of which Vivie, just like Allan had to leave for some official business. Considering the last time we saw of Allan and his conversation with that important looking fellow, chances are there is more happening in the background that we have been led to believe.

Clearly not everything centers around Haiji and his people.Speaking of which, not only is Haiji loaded, he has no qualms with giving away thirteen million EUROS of his own money, actually all he money he has in the bank, to acquire a Eureka that he will not even be able to use.

Again, another good chapter; not amazing, not great but entertaining. I was tickled by that scene where some rich idiot trips Chitose, while showing off about he beautiful ladies on his arm, then Haiji shoved him to the ground from behind. You have to see it to understand the funny side of the image.

RATING:> 3.5/5

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