How strong was the original super saiyan?

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I think he may have been a legendary super saiyan like Broly who became a Golden Oozaru and failed to become a super saiyan 4. But that's just my theory.

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Most people think the LSSJ Broly was the same transformation as the SSJ mentioned by Vegeta in that past. Personally I think the original SSJ Goku was the same as the old SSJ mentioned by Vegeta because Toriyama had originally meant for the manga to end at the Frieza saga.

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Who knows... it really didn't had any feats showed... except that he destroyed the original Saiyan planet while powering up... also the Original Super Saiyan was golden as an Oozaru... kinda weird... because if we add GT in here, the stage before SSJ4... it's a golden oozaru.

Also Broly has the same nick name... when Peragus calls him that... So what if Broly is the reincarnation of the Original Super Saiyan?? cause he is a Legendary Super Saiyan.. and that's a stage that no other Saiyans can achieve... but that's IMO... so don't take it seriously please.

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