How much damage can DBZ/GTverse do to the Marvelverse and the DCverse(Not together)

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So here is how this is going to work this takes place on marvel earth or DC earth and it can't be destroyed. Everyone from dbz/gt is in this even movie characters.

Rules : Everyone is in character, BFR is ok as long as it's fairly used in character that is,DBZ/GT gets everyone so that means planet vegeta is not gone and every sayian there can fight, the nameks are involed as well and the henchmen and groups of the villans as well. TOAA and company(people of that power like gods and such) are in character as well so don't say dbz/gt won't do that much with them in the battle. Depending of the what you choose that is how much marvel will know about dbz/gt.

Note- 0-50 is basic info and 50-100 is more advanced info

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