How fast are bleach characters

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@othus12: That could be true. Then again we haven't seen anyone explicitly say they've passed her in speed but the only other feats she have is going up against Aizen

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@redbird3rdboywonder: No problem bro.

@othus12: Ah okay....

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Hypersonic at best.... we are gonna have to see what squad zero has to offer in speed feats as well considering they are stated to be monsters by captain Kyorauku.

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No clue about distance running, but pretty much every character has about a 50ft radius where they move at speeds that resemble teleportation. Soi Fon, Aizen, and Ichigo can move so fast that they leave multiple after images that look like clones.
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@redbird3rdboywonder: Honestly I would put their mid-tier characters and above in the hypersonic range generally. Probably the best reaction feat to date was Ichigo deflecting millions of blades in a few seconds. Even low tier characters were impossible to follow for an average human; when using shunpo the likes of Ikkaku was just appearing and disappearing. Renji, who was on the same level, couldn't follow Byakuya's movements when first introduced.

@othus12 said:

@redbird3rdboywonder: the thing is....all captains got ridiculously powered up after the gotei 13 arc. for example:

mayuri lost to ishida -> then ishida lost to 8va espada aporro ->then aporro lost to mayuri (how did that happened?)

kenpachi lost to ichigo without bankai->then ichigo with hollow mask barely won against 6ta espada-> then kenpachi defeated 5ta espada (how did that happened?)

obviously all captains got their powers amped and because of that yoruichi stopped being the fastest character.

Well, there's a highly scientific explanation for that: Bleach is bullshit in terms of power. Have another example for the road:

Byakuya drew against Ichigo -> Ichigo got his assed kicked by Grimmjow (number 6) -> Byakuya casually cut off the number 0 espada's leg, then proceeded to beat him along with Kenpachi with little effort.

@SpeedForceSpider: the fastest being on the HST is kizaru,due to his light properties and maybe kuma due to his teleport but they are an exception to their verse. regarding bleach characters speed, well, top tiers are certainly hypersonic and overall, bleach verse has the fastest characters. take this as an example:

1.-a shunpo from byakuya was faster than what the human eye can see (ichigo couldnt track it)

2.-next ichigo bankai blitzed the alredy fast byakuya and was creating afterimages.

3.-then he got blitzed by ulquiorra primera etapa even with hollow mask on

4.- then ichigo went "vasto lorde" and blitzed ulquiorra even after his segunda resurrecion

so, if we consider that the lowest grade of shunpo is alredy faster than what the eye can see,then vasto lorde ichigo should be at least massively hypersonic.

those are my thoughts : /

Not entirely true.

1. Definitely, and Ichigo was already at superhuman speeds at that point (he was fighting evenly with Renji).

2. Hmm, ok.

3. Ah, but you have to remember that the Ichigo who fought Byakuya was faster than the one who fought, say, Grimmjow. As Byakuya noted, he was forcing himself to go much faster than his body could handle. But yeah, he did still get blitzed despite being captain level.

4. Yep.

All in all yes, or at least hypersonic+.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Thank you for your well articulated response

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I also believe that they have the average greatest speed in the HST at least, but at the same time the very fastest characters specifically are from one piece. Kizaru, Kuma and Enel most notably.
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