How do you think Naruto is going to be wrapped up?

Topic started by Ikki_Minami_ on May 20, 2013. Last post by nishi99 1 year, 10 months ago.
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What do you guys think, how will Naruto be wrapped up?

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Sadly in super ultra cheese. Sasuke returns to Konoha to fricking protect it. He and Naruto will team up to take down the ultimate baddie. Would shock me if we see Madara and Hashirama end up in friendly conversation before to the sunset. All will be forgiven, Sasuke's crimes will be pardoned for his heroic acts, and the Third fades off see a reunited Team 7.

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What I'm afraid of is a time skip ending. Way too many Shounen manga do that. A multi year skip where some of the main characters might have kids and what not and a really cheesy finale. I'd sooner see Sasuke join again or die facing Naruto or Naruto dying himself, rather than the ending i just named.
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Orochimaru is finally beaten and Naruto or Sasuke becomes Hokage.

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