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I'll use Seras's strength level from my previous thread as a basis(for those who didn't read Seras's thread read it first, then come back here). Anyway Hellsing doesn't have many quantifiable strength feats, especially top tiers lack them. So i'll have to use reasonable powerscailing. And I'll only calculate strength levels for most powerful characters: Alucard, Captain, Walter and Anderson and their forms. Also Seras after 30years timeskip. So let's start:

True Vampire Seras:123.45 tons ; True Vampire Seras after 30years timeskip: 140 tons ;

I asumed she has grown stronger since there are facts on which this can be based, although wasn't stated directly in manga/ovas or anime, not to mention that we just might say she became skilled with her power set after 30 years), anyway i'll put this as her peak limit. Since I don't think Hellsing vampires can gro stronger indefinately. Alucard is weaker than Captain and is much older than him. so they have clear limit.

Alucard level 1 and level zero have the same physical status, just in level zero he can use all of his familiars at once, while in level 1 he can only use one familiar / Baskerville hound (it's unknow if he can use other familiar instead of hound, but it's not important). I put him slightly stronger than Seras after timeskip at 150tons his peak. Alucard at level 3 has lower physical status than in levels 1 and zero. Evident with his fight with Tubalcain and Luke Valentine, since in level 3 he was outclassed by both of them and with level 1 he outclassed them both.

So Alucard/Girlycard level 1 = Alucard/Girlycard level zero = 150tons;

For Captain I'll cover al 3 forms:human, werewofl, direwolf.

Captain human form : 130tons (was slightly stronger than Seras);

Captain werewolf form: 200tons (too strong for Seras, stronger(not more powerful) than Alucard based from showing in Dawn);

Captain direwolf form: 10000tons; With single bump from a side of his body he sent Seras flying like a ragdoll and she coughed blood. It was like she was regular human and he was superhuman or like he was a strong human and she was just a several months old baby(difference would be hundred fold in this case) and Seras is one of the strongest and most powerful characters. So although this is great leap in strength scailing it isn't far from through, since babies at several months can't even lift 1kg and adults are easily hundred times or more stronger than them. Anyway given all feats this seems way of, to be honest.

For Anderson I'll cover human form and Helena's Nail form.

Human form is stronger than Alucard level 3 and should be stronger and more powerful than everyone short of Seras true vampire, Captain, Alucard level 1 and 0 and Walter vampire form. Comparison with 69 years odl Walter and teen Walter will not be made (read Walter's paragraph for furthere explanation)

So Anderson human form : 80tons

Helenas Nail Anderson: 135 tons - it was apparent that he was weaker than Alucard when, Alucard got serious and overpowered him, taking the nail out of his body. But i think he was stronger than Seras at that time.

For Walter I'll just cover vampire form. Since his elder form (69 years old) and teen form have some inconsistency. Too be more precise his 69 year old self appears war weaker and less powerful than his teen self, going by actual feats, which is not logical. I used fight with Jan as basis for old Walter. And given his feats as a teen he should chop both Jan and Luke easily. But he might hold back greatly during fight with Jan since he was traitor (well potential since it was never explained if he switched sided by his own will or not or mix up of this two variants). That's why I haven't compared his teen form and elder form with Anderson.

P.S. All of these numbers were guesses (except Seras original, which was calculated), but that's the best we can do guess, since there aren't many feats to quantify. And the greates quantifiable strenght feat was done by Seras - and I calculated 123.45 tons from it. Anyway I want to hear other opinions as well. So feel free to comment.

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