Hell, Yeah! OVER 600,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Screw 9,000. Try over 600,000!!!
Screw 9,000. Try over 600,000!!!

It was only back in May that I announced that I had reached the 500,000 wiki points mark on Anime Vice. Since then I've been pretty active in a variety of series wiki profiles. Those series include Black Lagoon, Highschool of the Dead, and more recently Triage X. It's nearing the sunset of July, and I'm pleased to announced I've hit another mark. Just tonight I scored over the 600,000 wiki points mark. This puts me well past Giant Bomb member Morino who has been getting a lot of well deserved recognition for making over 1,000 pages over there. I'm still way behind two of Comic Vine's users, and only one Screened user is a little ahead of me.

I'm not the only other high ranking points earner on Anime Vice. Member Obsidian609 is slowly approaching 500K. So, a lot of respect to him. I'm also still busy moderating the wiki submissions. I've been seeing a lot of great activity form newer users. Most are doing great. With the exception of one mass-plagiarist, and another person who doesn't seem to understand that you need to capitalize the first letter at the start of a sentence and in proper nouns, such as names.

I look forward to adding more to the wiki and hope more follow suit.

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Congratulation on achieving 600,000 points, FoxxFireArt! Your recent work on Triage X (Volumes One and Two) is quite impressive and I look forward to adding more images for you to use on those pages.

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Great Job FFA with that power level you should beat first form Frieza:P

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Damn ! I feel miserable with my 2800+ point ! 
Congratulations ! :D
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Congrats! I do see a lot of new wiki editors. The gender ratio is broken because I surpass Gia. I want Anna to beat me to restore it. It used to be top two editors are males: FoxxFireArt and Obsidian609, and the third and fourth are females: Juuhachi and Gia, respectively.

I got a long way to reach Obsidian609 not to be too competitive. For me, the strategy is to manage time with all the stuff. I'm amazed that you score over 100,000 points in a month. I think it is your biggest growth of this year.

I wish Ethan would post the data "porn" for anime vice users to see. I want to see who had the most growth in wiki editing. I think it has been since April that Ethan has posted the data porn. Since the type of wiki editors blog was post, do you think I should call you Commando editor (a wiki editor who earn over 100,000 points), or do you want to change that?

Edit: Please don't be offended about the gender ratio. I just noticed weird things.

My Clarifications


Sorry to confuse you on the gender pattern for the top users. I added some images. Basically, in June 15, it was male, male, female, and female. Now, it is male, male, female, and male. I displaced Gia. I shouldn't be worried about it because Anime Vice has more of a balance.

Looking at the other sites' top wiki editors' gender.

I believe Comic Vine and Tested have more female and other in their top 12.

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Congratulations! That amount of wiki points is definitely impressive. <3
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It's cool you've been adding pictures for Triage X. We just need to avoid adding pictures of every single page. I don't think the site wants the reputation of a scan site. I would just suggest concentrating on highlight or just incredibly cool scenes.

What I would like to get my hands on are the RAWs of some of the pages in that series so I can put down the Japanese names for some of these characters.

This new series is pretty damn cool. I'm starting to wonder if Shoji Sato as a rule always have a bath scene in his volume two of a series that has completely uncensored breasts. ' Cause..DAAAAMN!!


Hey, we all started low. You can climb pretty fast by finding a series you like and concentrating in it. You can earn a lot of points by filling out the information on a manga volume page. Obsidian609 got where he is by just doing a lot of small edits.


Thanks, though I'm not sure why I would be offended.

I wouldn't worry too much about Gia, since she doesn't post or visit on the site anymore. I don't know what happened when she left but it must have really ticked her off.

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