Greatest Anime/Manga Feats of All Time!!!!!!

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Anyway as the title states, this thread is solely based on anime/manga feats, the best anime/manga feats out there.


The aim of the thread is to upload as many feats as you can, all of them have to be anime/manga feats, this isn't a debate thread or a battle thread between characters, the aim is as simple as it can get, as many greatest feats as you can find.


  • No Debates Allowed.
  • Feats have to be announced via scans, no scans, no feats, therefore all feats must come with a scan.
  • Feats claimed with the scan must be genuine, no claims outside the scan are allowed, for example, if there's any solar system busting, the scan has to show it or state it- in short no guess work or assumptions allowed.
  • Feats have to be specified in terms of categories: The character performing the feat, What Feat he is performing shown with clear evidence through a scan and what anime/manga this character belongs to.
  • All feats must be planetary and above, this includes strength, speed, durability, reaction speed, destructive capability etc etc...Hope you get the point.

Now that we've got the aim and rule out of the way, let this thread commence.

Remember there is no limit to how many characters and feats you can present so long as its planetary and above.

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