Gohan Was Not Toei Haxed In Movie 10

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There is a disturbing rumor on the internet which claims Movie 10 Gohan is stronger than Gohan of the Buu Saga. I am going to debunk these rediculous claims with a quick explaination. We will start with the thing which makes some people say Gohan was stronger in movie 10, and this reason is because he started his fight against Broly in base form and did better than SSJ Goten and Trunks so that "obiovusly" makes him stronger than his Anime counterpart. Let's get something clear here. Everyone in Toei's production starts his fight vs in base form. Base Goku was even with Cooler in movie 5, Base Goku was even with Meta Cooler in movie 6, Base Goku, Base Vegeta and Base Trunks were even with Androids 13, 15 and 14, Base Vegito was even with Buuhan etc, etc. Base Gohan was keeping up with Dabura in the Anime. Dabura was suppressed but this Suppressed Dabura was stated by Goku to be Cell's level and after powering up Goku said he was stronger than he fought. So Gohan was even with someone whois Cell's level and we know he got weaker. Base Vegito was apperently even with Buuhan and Anime Base Vegito looked stronger than Manga Base Vegito, however Buuhan was able to lay somehits on SSJ Vegito in the Anime and the Anime added another filler when Buuhan uses his dimmension scream and SSJ Vegito was struggling against him. So, does that mean Anime Base Vegito>Manga Base Vegito BUT Manga SSJ Vegito>Anime SSJ Vegito?? Does that make sense? When I get into that. Basically, Toei makes everyone start his fight in his base form for the sake of the drama and not because Gohan was stronger. Base Gohan was even with Dabura who is Cell's level and we know Cell would destroy SSJ Trunks or SSJ Goten with utter ease. Base Gohan even able to kick Dabura during their fight while he never even scratched SSJ Broly. Not to mention that Toei contradicts itself like Vegito vs Buuhan. Gohan was able to tank Broly's blast doesn't mean he was a stronger Gohan. Kid Buu was fighting SSJ2 Goku and Goku was able to tank Kid Buu's strongest blast and Anime Kid Buu>Buuhan. However we know that in the Anime SSJ2 Goku was as strong as Majin Vegeta who got his ass kicked by Fat Buu. If SSJ2 Goku is weaker than Fat Buu so how come he can suddenly be able to fight evenly with Kid Buu who was stated in the Anime to be stronger than Buuhan? Same thing happened in the Anime with Goku and

Gotenks, in the Anime Goku is the strongest and stronger than Gotenks however Toei added filler when Gotenks and Goku were taking a bath and Base Goku was shown weaker than Base Gotenks and had to go SSJ so if we follow that logic we get: SSJ3 Goku > SSJ3 Gotenks BUT Base Gotenks > Base Goku. Movies are the same since movies are fillers as well. This is once again Toei contradicts everything just like SSJ Goku can keep up with Mystic Gohan and such. The only reason Gohan was also able to tank Broly's blast was probably because Toei wanted him to get mad after seeing everyone was half dead so he would be able to access his transformation as a SSJ2 just like in the World Tourment. Base Saiyan keeping up vs SSJ level character is not haxed. Yes, it's Toei's logic but just for the sake of the Drama. Kid Buu>Buuhan is haxed, Goku beingthe god of the Anime is haxed. Not only that but if we look at the Babidi Saga, we can see Kaioshin who can one shot Frieza was afraid of Pui Pui who Vegeta easily beat. That means Base Vegeta, Goku and Gohan are by far stronger than Supreme kai who was far stronger than Frieza. Thta means that Base Vegeta in the Buu Arc are at least Semi Perfect Cell's level while Android 18 was able to dodge SSJ Trunks's and Goten's attacks in the Anime which means even Base Vegeta and Gohan and Goku are at least in par with the SSJ kids. The only reason Goten and Gohan were apperently giving troubles to Vegeta and Gohan was because it was their first appearance in DBZ so it was necessary to show how strong they were for their age since later SSJ Majin Vegeta beat Trunks by barely touching him. So let's not talk about the base form bullshit since if the Manga shows Goku, Gohan and Vegeta are far above the kids so I am not surprised the Anime did considering the fact Toei contradicts everything there. Another thing which makes some people say Gohan was stronger in the movie than in his Anime counterpart is the fact that he said he had powered up from movie 8 so that means Gohan "trained" in the 7 years between the Cell Games to the Buu Arc but in an alternative universe. However, this is false. Gohan's line was misinterpetated by Broly fanboys. The fact that Gohan said he had powered up from movie 8 only proves the Z fighters were weaker in movie 8 than their Cell Games counterparts as Toei releaved the Cell Games after they made movie 8 and started to work on movie 8 when Goku and Gohan were in the Rosat. This is why Gohan had his Androids Saga outfit and was weaker than Goku. The Z fighters were Perfect Cell Saga levels as that was the saga that Toei worked on movie 8.

This is the only reason why Gohan said that line because the Z fighters were just weaker in movie 8 and not because Gohan trained. People who say that are idiots who refuse to look at the context of the movies. If Gohan "trained" in the 7 years between the Cell Games to the Buu Arc so how come he knows Videl, he needs anger in order to go SSJ2 and couldn't go SSJ2 when he fired the kamehameha vs Broly?? Even if Gohan was half dead when he was about to fire his kamehameha against Broly, he should still be able to go SSJ2 if he apperently trained during the 7 years gap between the Cell Games and the Buu Arc since BOTH Goku and Vegeta were able to go SSJ2 when they were half dead because they were trained and and mastered the SSJ2 unlike Gohan who was weaker and needed anger in order to go SSJ2 because he never trained. Toei even showed Videl, Trunks and Goten were half dead so Gohan would be angry so he can go SSJ2 since he can't do it just like that since he was weaker and never trained. The scene when Gohan was shown angry after Videl, Trunks and Goten were half dead so he would be angry so he would be able to go SSJ2 is obviously based on the scene when Gohan saw Videl half dead vs Spopovitch because Movie 10 Gohan is based on Gohan from the world tourment. SSJ Goku even looked much stronger than SSJ Gohan in the beam struggle since if SSJ Goku was weaker than SSJ Gohan, his kamehameha wouldn't do so much better and when Goku arrived they were able to overpower Broly's blast for a while. Now, to make something clear. SSJ Goten's Kamehameha didn't look so much weaker than Gohan's in the beam struggle so the beam struggle proves SSJ Goten was stronger than Base Gohan. Gohan is also hybrid and he gains strength really fast. Gohan was able to surpass Goku in a week when he trained with the Z Sword and if he trained for 7 years so his SSJ2 would be much stronger than SSJ3 Goku or maybe at the level of Super Buu unless you people think Broly was so powerful. Videl tanked Broly's punch, I guess she is SSJ Tier even though she was amazed at how Goten and Trunks handled a Dinasour implying she was a mere human. People most likely state Toei makes the Character haxed in ever movie which is not really true. Toei makes the characters haxed in the Anime and just copy everything from the Anime to the movies.


Anime and movies are the same in terms of strength because both Anime and movies are Toei. The characters who are haxed in the movies are haxed in the Anime. Now to debunk some points of charactes who are apperently haxed in the movies without being haxed in the Anime. The first movie was movie 5, when Cooler says he can understand why Frieza had troubles with Goku and Cooler said that about Base Goku so that must means Goku was haxed and his base form was as strong as 100% Final Form Frieza, BUT.... Let's get something clear here, Cooler never even saw Frieza's true power so just because he said that doesn't mean Goku was stronger. Cooler most likely said that since he saw Goku was powerful. Remember, Base Goku on Namek was even above Third Form Frieza and got even stronger when he returned to Namek so Cooler saying he can understand why Goku was able to beat Frieza only means Goku was powerful and above Frieza's first forms, considering the fact Goku was at the millions and even Frieza was surprised about Goku's power. Cooler even said in the end that Frieza was a weakling because he was beaten by Goku so Goku being stronger in movie 5 doesn't hold. He just was not.

Movie 5 Goku=Trunks Saga Goku.

The other movie who some people claim was haxed is movie 6 since Goku and Vegeta were stronger than Movie 6 Piccolo who was apperently Kamiccolo and that's because Dende was the god on Earth. However, Movie 6 is basically based on the Androids Saga when the Z fighters were figthing Androids 19 and 20 and that's why Vegeta saving Goku from Meta Cooler is the same way like he saved him from Android 19 implying Movie 6 Goku and Vegeta are as strong as Goku and Vegeta who fought Android 19 and 20 as Cooler's death was even similiar to 19's when his head was destroyed. Piccolo never even showed any sign of being Kamiccolo in movie 6. If Piccolo was Kamiccolo in movie 6 and was weaker than SSJ Goku and Vegeta so how come Androids 13, 14 and 15 were even with SSJ Goku, Trunks and Vegeta (who are even stronger in movie 7 than in movie 8) but the guidebooks state the androids of movie 7 are weaker than Android 18 and 17 and Kamiccolo was even with Android 17. When everyone attacked Super Android 13, they were unable to even make him move, however when Piccolo punched Super 13 there were motion lines implying Super 13 budged a bit since Piccolo was the strongest in movie 7 since he was Kamiccolo but only in movie 7. So aster analyzing all of these facts there is a hole in even thinking Piccolo was Kamiccolo in movie 6. Dende being the god in movie 6 is probably a plot hole.

Movie 6 Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo=Androids Saga Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo.

The other hax some people think that existed in a movie was in movie 12 when he said Janemba's ki was the strongest ki he had ever felt so that means Fat Janemba > Super Buu since Gotenks was a SSJ in movie 12 and used kamikazie so that must mean Fat Janemba but actually...... Let's start by the fact that Goku said Fat Janemba was the strongest ki Goku had ever felt in the beginning of the movie. Now, Toei doesn't make a movie in once day. People just need to get it. Toei probably started to work on movie 12 after Goku and Fat Buu finished their fight which means before Super Buu was even born, which means Toei planned that line for Goku before they even worked on Super Buu and their main point was to show Fat Janemba > Fat Buu who Goku fought considering the fact that Fat Janemba is obviously based on Fat Buu and Goku's fight vs Fat Janemba is based on his fight vs Fat Buu as he even mentioned Fat Buu which once again proves his line was only to show Fat Janemba > Fat Buu who Goku fought since it was the last power Goku had faced. Gotenks used his kamikazie attack in the end of the movie simple since Toei finished movie 12 just after Gotenks used kamikazie vs Super Buu so Toei still could of included that in their movie. Toei doesn't make amovie in one day as I already said before. Super Buu's full power was not even releaved until he fought SSJ3 Gotenks or Mystic Gohan and SSJ3 Gotenks vs Super Buu was releaved after movie 12. And Hypothetically even if Fat Janemba > Super Buu (he is not) it doesn't matter since Anime Goku is anyway stronger than Super Buu as he kept up with Kid Buu who is the strongest Buu in the Anime. That only proves Fat Buu > Broly since Fat Janemba is probably somewhat stronger than the Fat Buu who Goku fought and it's also supported by the fact that SSJ2 Goku+SSJ2 Gohan+SSJ2 Vegeta can't beat Fat Buu who Vegeta fought while it took much less power to beat Broly, and if the Fat Buu who fought Vegeta is above Broly so Broly is barely Good Buu's level so there is no way Broly beat a much stronger SSJ2 Gohan. Just saying regardless.

And the last thing is in movie 13 when Goku beat Hurudegarn but this proves once more that Goku was the strongest in movie 13 because he was the strongest in the Anime. Goku is the strongest in the movies because he is the strongest in the Anime. Gohan is not stronger in the Anime so he is not stronger in the movie since Movies=Anime. Both are Toei and every movie follows the power levels of the short saga which the movies is based on. For example movie 9=Cell Games in terms fo strength. The only movie who is different is movie 3 and this is because Toei had the abillity to use power levels and movie 3 was based on Namek Saga while everyone was training at that saga so no one had a stated power level so Toei had no choice but make their own power levels based on the episodes of the Anime and the time when Goku, Piccolo and the others were training. Goku was even sent to go and beat Broly in Hell and SSJ3 Goku never existed at that time which can tell us all that Toei wanted to show SSJ2 Goku is stronger than Movie 10 Broly. SSJ2 Goku > Movie 10 LSSJ Broly > SSJ2 Adult Gohan.

Gohan being stronger (Toei Haxed) in movie 10 is another bullshit argument which was made up by Brolytards idiots who don't know anything about the diffrences between Anime, Manga and Movies. It's a lie and a trick to deny the truth of SSJ2 Goku > LSSJ Broly. Gohan was not stronger in movie 10. Deal with it and stop making up crap.

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