Giafail! Thursday was Userday 02/12/09

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I shouldn't be permitted to travel-- I get all mixed up. I could have sworn TODAY was Thursday!

Lucky for me you guys rock my socks off-- user Black_Rose did his own Userday roundup and graciously permitted me to repost it for you guys. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere for a few weeks now so I'll get my game back on. In the meantime, everyone thank Rose for being awesome. (He also added a new feature, which I maaaay pick up!)


Petit Eva
Petit Eva
New Anime pages added Include Elf-A tale of Melodies, World Destruction and to my surprise Batman, I also added pages for Petit Eva: Evangelion@school and Mars the Terminator. On the manga side we’ve got The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods, Lagoon Empire and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (you have no idea how annoying that is to type). Also, some popular pages need some love, among them we can find: Ergo Proxy, Jun Watarase, Big Boobs, CrunchyRoll and CrystalTokyio, so hurry up and give them some!


RedRoses is finally doing some progress on her Yoko Cosplay and shows us how that’s going + an adorable figure of Mikuru. Charmanderomega is weirded out by the Dragonball Evolution toys and brings us breaking DBZ news. Devilly has some new Kamen Rider figures, I give you a little photo tour of my country and finally evilmoose807 asks us what we thing about .Hack/ Legend of Twilight. (GIAEDIT: I want to add in that you guys should read this blogpost by Shizuki, about free content vs paid content online and offline.)


Jewel invites you to give a warm welcome to new (and not-so-new) Vicers in the Hello and Goodbye thread. I share with you the full live-action sequence of The End of Evangelion. Acer wants to know what are our favorite scenes and who is the cutest character. Usagichan thinks Funimation is ruining yet another show. And Agent_Lost wants to know what we think of the Winter 09 animes.


Code Geass
Code Geass

OkasukiIchigo provides us not one, not two, but three (yes THREE) great reviews for Black Lagoon, Code Geass and Ouran High School Host Club. I lay the smackdown on Mars the Terminator, meanwhile Kiroshimatsu gives us a piece of his mind and explains why Steam

boy is a good movie. Finally Lawliet takes us to the world of Zelda in his review of the Majora’s Mask manga

User of the Week

Here’s a little new idea I thought it could be cool, and hopefully Gia picks it up in the upcoming Userdays. This is an award for Animevice’s highest quality user of the week, someone who helps the site get better and better by providing great posts, new ideas and helping out on the Wiki. And the Oscar…I mean User of the Week goes to….

RedRoses. She’s one of the top Wiki contributors and is constantly providing us with fun and quality reads, plus she helps out other users when they need help (*cough*me*cough*). So for all that and more, RedRoses is our User of the Week, Congratulations! 

That's it for this week, keep living the Vice!

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Here's the missing link to evilmooseman's blog:

Also, i'm a guy :P. I don't blame you though, you're not the first one to make the mistake.
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Thanks BR! This new idea sounds great!
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Great Job to everyone!!:)
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I think the site is really coming along.  And we are all in at the beginning!
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Were setting that foundation!!XD
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Thanks for doing the Userday and also thanks for the User of the Week other Rose! (hehe other rose XD) I think that's a fantastic idea to give out each week (or maybe month since weekly might not be the best thing to do until this site gets bigger and more active).

Really great stuff to read this week too. I love the reviews and the other stuff I've just read. =)
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