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Topic started by jaspap on May 24, 2010. Last post by Ryokan 4 years, 9 months ago.
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I have watched the anime, and am looking into getting the manga, but had a few questions first.
1 - Is the manga more adult in anyway, as far as sexuality or gore factor?
2 - One thing that I find very annoying, to the point where I almost get angry. The character - Masaru Kato. Wow, so emo, such a cry baby, he does nothing. I have lots of anime and manga, so I know there is usually a place fior these characters. But this one, to me, is so bad. Is he the same way in the manga, or did they just make him annoying in the anime?
Any help, or info would be great,thanks.
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1) The manga is waaaaaay more adult in both sexuality and gore.  
 2) I think they made him annoying in the anime because I don't really remember him being emo in the manga. You shouldn't have to worry about this. 
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  1. the sex and gore Definitely get a lot better.
  2. He's always a little bit whiny, talking about feelings and how killing should never be an option. But he talks less Later on So You don't notice as much.
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On the first question, one can almost universally expect the manga (either source or adaptation) to be more graphic in both areas due to the content restrictions that go along with televised broadcasts. As for Kato's annoyance factor, I'm glad GodLen answered you on that because I can't remember anything about his personality from the manga. In the face of Kishimoto's, umm...proportions?...I'm still trying to recall any of the happenings in the printed version.
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The manga is way more adult than the anime, i stopped reading the manga after 130 chapters. It got so annoying and stupid. 
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@jaspap: If by adult you mean more gratuitous, then yes.  I don't remember any of the characters having different personalities than the anime versions for Kato is probably as annoying as you remember him being.  I don't remember much about the manga.  Like the show, I felt that the fights lasted way too long and all of the interesting stuff happens outside of fights.  I believe that the manga was coming out bi-weekly and one particular fight lasted for over 70 chapters, which is more than two years of real world time.  I stopped reading it around that time.
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It's like berserk in that respect. The Manga is far more gratuitous than the Anime, and more extensive. Plus the Manga doesn't end with a crap ending like the anime did, though it was enjoyable up to a point. I'm still reading the Gantz manga though as it's re-printed. Waiting on vol.10 and have the complete anime series.
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1) Well, more adult, I don't know what do you mean by adult... but it's gorier, and sexier. 
2) Masaru Kato is waaaay more badass in the manga. In fact, he's the one who move his butt the first. 
Now, I finded the manga crappy, and in overall quality inferior to the manga. The manga is not bad, but it run into some endless fight that put him almost in Arc-fatigue zone.
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