FUNimation offering a PANTY & STOCKING Free Dub Sample!!

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Waa Za Fak?! FUNimation is offering the first two P&S episodes for free!!

How can you turn down free anime?!

The English anime distribution compant FUNimation has been offering the subtitled PANTY & STOCKING anime series for their paid Elite members for a few months now, and on July 10th they'll be releasing the dubbed version on DVD. Still, if you've been itching to know how this American inspired anime out of GAINAX sounds in English. FUNimation now has something nice for you.

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt - Complete Series DVD
Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt - Complete Series DVD

Last week, FUNimation began hosting the first two English dubbed episodes of PANTY & STOCKING on their website for free and completely uncensored. You can watch these episodes on their website FUNimation Video HERE. Since this content is rates as mature, you may have to register an account with FUNimation first, but a standard account is free. I've watched these two full episodes, and it really seems as if they had some fun dubbing this anime.

The entire series is available for pre-order on both Rightstuf,com and Rightstuf is offering a limited time gift for pre-orders of a replica Heaven Coin for pre-orders. It's a while supplies last kind of deal, so, get in on that while they're available.

Source: FUNiamtion HERE

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I just checked out episode 1 dub, something seems off about the audio balance between music and voices. =\ Otherwise it seems alright.

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I couldn't get the full episode to load up on either of my computers so I just watched the YouTube clip. Not really feeling it. They nailed Stocking but I wasn't feeling Panty at all and Garterbelt was meh. On top of that, it just sounded amateurish overall imo. Maybe it's because I was heavy into audio recording for about a 6-8 year period so I pick up on this stuff a lot more, but this felt like something I could have recorded and mixed in my bedroom. There was reverb and what sounded like room coloration (they record in booths so this is probably less room coloration and more just picking bad effect settings) that didn't make any sense for the location on screen.

I don't have a high opinion on anime dubs but the technical things seemed worse than what I usually hear when I do checkout dubs.

On a completely unrelated note, I have the 720p Youtube stream paused while I'm typing this and it looks exactly like the Japanese BDs. For anyone upset about how DVD-only will make the show lose something visually, this stream is a pretty good reality check for how not great and amazing HD the series is.

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