Forget Animation, We've Got Real Flying Panties

Topic started by John_Martone on Oct. 22, 2009. Last post by TheDromedaryPhalanx 5 years, 5 months ago.
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Does everyone remember Sora no Otoshimono's ED? The one with the flock of flying panties? Well, I've yet to watch the show, but some fan took it upon himself to probe the plausibility of actual flying panties. Well, we have the technology, apparently. No mere kite, the video's creator even works in the flapping... fabric? I can't wait till we get entire flocks of these suckers flying in formation. Maybe at the park?
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d(o-o)b ... ha!
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I will take a flying pantsu kite over my own panties flying off of me any day.
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lol @ this. I still prefer the actual flying panties ending. :p
Post by TheDromedaryPhalanx (11 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Huh, interesting.
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