Follow-Up: Tentacle Grape Speaks!

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After my earlier post about the Tentacle Grape confusion, I got a very kind e-mail back from Dekker Dreyer, who reassured me that there was, in fact, a real product being sold. The problems have unfortunately occurred at the supply chain level, and Dreyer has tried to comment on the Consumerist's article to that effect: 

The upshot of the comments was that the internet broke our supply chain and we have a few hundred orders that still need to be shipped. To be honest we had no idea that the backlog was this bad at the fulfillment

center and Julia and I have stepped in directly to help get orders packaged and out the door. We moved over 60 boxes just this morning, so it's getting done fairly quickly at this point. Last week we stopped general public orders so we could catch up...

TG takes weeks to bottle through our current supply chain and first the bottler couldn't keep up, then the the fulfillment team was swamped. They've been trying very hard to get on top of it and have been doing a good job so far, we just need to push out those last few hundred packages.

As for Mnemosyne, the company was never really set up to handle this amount of retail transactions. Julia and I are in media entertainment and our products have mostly been either business to business or electronic transactions, like in the case of the MMO Rubies of Eventide (which is looking toward a website relaunch this week as well as a security patch upgrade and some new in-game content). The sheer volume of orders from and Kotaku crashed our pipeline plain and simple.

Either way we're trying our best to get all of the orders shipped this week and I've taken time away from my other projects to help see that this happens.

I'm glad Tentacle Grape is so popular and I look forward to bringing it back with some new packaging and a more prepared team in the next few weeks, but right now our focus is just getting every last order out the door.

So, there you have it! If you've purchased Tentacle Grape, no worries: you WILL be tentacle graped.

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Sounds fishy...but I hope its true.
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This story spurred me to ask my society if they want to do a group order.
  Should be fun :-D
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What's it about?
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WTF... what IS Tentacle Grape? I'm assuming it's some sort of titillating drink of choice for pr0nz stars?
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