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I thought it appropriate to reflect on favorite cataclysms or "Bad End" scenarios in light of 2012. Not that I seriously think the world is going to end this year - I just find it an entertaining thought. Also, I felt the above image was appropriate for two of my favorite cataclysms in media.

Out of Walpurgis Night and the Day of Lavos (which the above image features art inspired from, the earlier coming out of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the latter coming from Chrono Trigger), it's interesting how both are very similar in aspects of each one's relationship with Space-Time and certain creatures not of Earth. SHAFT certainly had a great style for Walpurgis Night which juxtaposes a cityscape with apocalyptic, German Expressionistic abstractions. I also feel that, even with only its SNES aesthetics, Chrono Trigger's Day of Lavos was one of the most chilling "Game Over" sequences one could ever get, not to mention the horrific-sounding, 16-bit cry of Lavos.

So what are your favorite bad ends? They don't have to be flashy end of the world scenarios. I can think of many "bad ends" in protagonists kick the bucket in some pretty gruesome ways that'd be worth mentioning.

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The fma anime version wasn't terribly depressing but still was not a happy one. SPOILER ALERT! It ended with the main character losing his powers and being trapped in an alternate world and his younger brother losing much of his memory including the adventures he had with his brother. In a later movie continuation though, the younger brother manages to get to the other world with his brother and stays trapped there with him so they can be together. The Death Note ending was sad as well but I'm sure many if not most here already know that.
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My favorite cataclysm is when Giga Slave backfire on Lina Inverse (But it wasn't real)

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