Family Friday! 12/26/08

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We're finally back on track! Here are your big posts for the week over here at Anime Vice:

Ikki Tousen
Ikki Tousen

We've had a lot of licenses: Del Rey snatched up Ninja Girls, and FUNimation has announced five of their ten holiday licenses so far: Ikki Tousen, Gad Guard, Vandread, Nabari no Ou, and Last Exile...Crunchyroll is going to show a Japanese drama called Detective Office 5, and as a surprise, Anime Midstream picked up Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh.

There were a couple of Blu-Ray sightings, namely Akira and Tsubasa. We had our first Anime Vice giveaway on Sunday, an exclusive interview with Crunchyroll, and we got some details on the second season of Spice and Wolf (finally!), and we got word that there will be a live-action City Hunter TV series. And last-- but not least! --a whisper offered us the possibility of more Code Geass. A solid week all around.

And now, for our sibling sites!

Comic Vine
Comic Vine
Comic Vine:

Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb:
  • Like Comic Vine, Giant Bomb has opened up the Best of 2008 feature for video games, so get votin'!
  • The Bombsters got to check out the 1Up offices, which is pretty awesome, so be sure and check that out.
  • Do you love points and achievements on XBL or PSN? You should check out this flash game, which is absolutely hilarious.
  • And in some really unique news: a guy who makes homebrew games for the Nintendo DS has locked himself into his apartment with minimal contact with the rest of the order to get Nintendo's attention. Uh, what?
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i go to giantbomb aswell as this.
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