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Ahh...we're nearing the end of the work week (or already have passed it for a few of you). Here's a sum-up of the week's news at Anime Vice and our sibling sites, Comic Vine and Giant Bomb.

Anime Vice:

We opened up the new week (starting from Saturday...which is kind of odd, come to think of it) with Japan's thoughts on the new Akira Blu-Ray release. The weekend remained pretty quiet, but Monday saw the celebration of Japan's Oscar victories, even as North America got shut out of Kodansha's International Manga Contest.

There was plenty more fodder for Dragonball Evolution detractors (i.e. almost everyone), including new promo images. And then VIZ laid off a bunch of people...oof. On the bright side, the Mazinger Z sequel was confirmed and Crunchyroll announced that it would be offering the three Makoto Shinkai films for free on Global Shinkai Day, aka TOMORROW! (Don't forget!)

And then, of course, there was new Gundam. And Obama sushi. And OH GOD the cutest Nendoroid ever. And and and Tatsunoko and Marvel! Macross Frontier itasha! Um, Strike Witches season two!...

Ahhh...a good week all around.

Comic Vine:

Comic Vine's most foxy user, BatgirlBabs, steals Watchmen in an attempt to understand what the big deal is.

American comic book fans everywhere rejoice over Heath Ledger's Oscar win as the Joker.

Alan Moore still hates comic book movies, to the surprise of approximately three people...two of whom are my parents, who followed up their response by asking if Alan Moore was related to Dudley Moore.

I'm not entirely sure what a Herogasm is, but it sounds fun!

Giant Bomb:

Maaaaan, Giant Bomb gets ALL the cool stuff. Like a fresh re-code. Look at that front page! It's gorgeous! Good job, Whiskey Media team!

The Bomb Squad (...hee) get a sneak preview at new games at Codemasters for your viewing pleasure.

Nobby Nobby Boy continues to make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

OH HOLY CRAP PERSONA 4 ENDURANCE RUN. I wanted to post this earlier, but it's like, eight bajillion videos in its entirety.

Alrighty, kids, that's the week in review. Hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for next week, which will continue in its awesomeness!

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Yes. Giantbomb new front page is the "bomb"
Because of Giantbomb I found AnimeVice and ComicVine.
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Wow the Giantbomb front page owns the one here at AnimeVice. ._.
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