Family Friday 02/20/09

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Oh, man, the last couple of Fridays have been so packed (what with NYCC and other travel) I've failed to get up the last couple of Family Fridays. But I remembered today! Here's this week's:

Anime Vice:

Banner week all around for us-- and we're starting to get old enough that not EVERY week is banner! You guys have been commenting tons, which is, quite frankly, my lifeblood. (Literally. I have a USB => IV cable jammed into my veins.) Keep it up! (Pleeeease?)

There's been a metric ass-ton of Dragonball Evolution news: toys, press conferences, sequels, etc. Oh, and I did that DBE video. And a few others. We got an interesting Photoshop of what Keanu Reeves might look like as Spike Spiegel. Akikan! forgot that it was supposed to be an anime, and FUNimation licensed some stuff. And don't forget Wil Wheaton!

I think I've said it before, but it's so hard to write these summaries. Almost EVERYthing I post feels worthwhile. That's why I posted it in the first place! So go back through the last 5+ pages of posts and make sure you at least peek at the headlines.

Comic Vine:

Giant Bomb:

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Yeah busy week eveyone seemend to come online more XD its said the R4 and the M3 dont work on the DSi so i wont even think about buying one till that`s been tested. i did check out most of your articles i guess i should go and look back a little ^^
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Yeah that DSi news is really pumping me up on buying it. I just can't wait until I have my hands on that Fire Emblem game ^^
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If you have the original DS and don't play Game Boy Advance games on it, then the DSi may be a good idea. I'm personally not getting one because I have a DS Lite already, and playing Game Boy Advance games is more important to me than DSiWare.
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HAHAHA I love Spiderman's line. It's ZOMG amazing that Wolverine has had sex :o

I'm not sure what to feel about Noby Noby Boy. I love the Katamari series but this game looks not as awesome.

I won't be getting a DSi. I already have a Lite so I don't think I'll pick one up. If there was something SUPER amazingly using the DSi thing that the Lite can't do, then I'd contemplate getting one but I highly doubt there'd be something that awesome.
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