Fairy Tail x Rave Crossover Anime Announced

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Mashima published the original crossover one-shot manga story in the May issue of Kodansha’s Magazine Special magazine in 2011. The story tells of an odd adventure where the two saga’s main characters Natsu and Haru can’t find their way back and the two main heroines Lucy and Elie become their chasers, ready to find and bring the two disoriented boys back where they belong.

Mashima noted that he is supervising the whole project and it will have more contents than the manga itself. He assured Fairy Tail fans that they can still enjoy the crossover anime even if they have not read Rave yet. He also noted that Musica and Let, two Rave characters who did not appear in the manga version, will be featured in the anime."

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You should have post this as a blog, so you can link it to the two franchises and post either in the Rave Master or Fairy Tail forum threads instead of General Discussion thread in order for more people to see the news. Plus, it will be spotlighted in the community spotlight. I caught your topic while browsing the forums.

Once you finished posting it as a blog. PM a mod to delete this one.

In the future, I'll update your blog with anything new from Hiro Mashima.

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@takashichea: ok

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