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Ugh, this chapter irritated me, and it wasn’t even that bad, just…irritatingly…irritating.

I had high hopes for this chapter, well maybe not high hopes since I had learnt to expect little from Hiro, but none the less, something about this chapter didn’t work for me, and I am not sure why. So little happened, which isn’t a surprise since the tournament is over and we are now focusing on a smaller amount of stories,but what did happen was quite prominent and important. Yet, something was somewhat off. But before that;


So we now know that Rogue is the other mage from the future. The princess explains that while Lucy returned to warn her friends of eminent danger, rogue returned to warn her. SO they are all on the same side in the end. The princes casts Arcadios’ silly suicide gesture aside, hands him his sword and commands for the Eclipse gate to be opened.

Below Rogue explains that eclipse can perform two purposes, to jump through time, or as a canon to destroy the dragons. As it turns out there is a reason Rogue looks so different. He is from seven years in the future. IN his time, dragons rule and only ten percent of the human population still lives.

Apparently in his time, someone closed the gate, preventing eclipse from being used to stop the dragons and thus dooming the world. Rogue returned to kill that person. The others are quick to point out that killing might be a bit harsh and that a simple warning might do; but Rogue is determined, and as far as he is concerned fate has been decided and words will mean nothing. That someone will close the gate no matter what, and that person must be killed. That person is Lucy.

Rogue attempts to impale Lucy with a shadow sword, but future Lucy takes the hit and dies. Before rogue can launch a second attack, Natsu sends him flying, and prepares for battle…


First of all I liked the revealations here, that rogue is from 7 years in the future and the whole dragons ruling thing. This has a lot of potential to turn into a good arc, or at least set up a future arc. But of course this is fairy tail. I doubt Hiro will do much with this. AS usual he does amazingly with the set up, but we all know he can’t deliver.

Seriously, there is so much he could do with the tools at his disposal. I shudder in excitement to think of the mind blowing madness that Kishimoto or Oda would do if they had access to fairy tails line up of characters and plots. There is literally no way an average mangaka can fail to produce chart topping stories with this. But this is Hiro; he simply can’t bare to make hard decisions.

First of all I don’t get rogue’s explanation, that seven years is today/now; what in the world does that even mean? Hiro has a way of being vague sometimes. wait, unless he meant seven years ago is today, but I am sure he didn’t say that. Never mind.

My problem with this chapter is future Lucy dying. It all seemed so…forced. It was almost like a cope out, like Hiro couldn’t bear to kill off a main character, and so he chose to do it without actually doing it.

And the reactions of the others irritated me; I get that Future Lucy was her own person, an individual different from current Lucy, or so the manga said. But that is just ridiculous. There is only one Lucy, future or present; she isn’t actually dead, and she said so herself, that if present Lucy had died, she would really be dead. So the reaction, like Lucy had actually died irritated me.

Again I will say that this felt a lot like a cope out. Oh yeah, and what was with Rogue looking surprised that there were two Lucys. She was right there, and I can only assume that before he decided to take out the soldiers, he had taken a couple of minutes to observe the fight. He couldn’t not have seen her. Again, it seemed like a silly excuse to find a way to kill future Lucy off, though she was ultimately useless. Admittedly that was a surprise, and when rogue was speaking of the person that closed the gate and who he must kill, I actually thought he would say natsu

It was strange that Natsu took it so logically; there was no screaming and ranting on about how rogue had killed a special friend of his and all that. He rose up and took Rogue out to protect current Lucy.

Speaking of which, I am going to hate this. I have seen rogue fight at least twice, and each time it has been ridiculously disappointing. Again here he is, from the future, with cool shadow powers and obviously so much more power; so we should expect a real showdown this time, but I know it will turn out he same. Add up the years and Natsu is actually fighting a rogue that is 14 years older than him; yet this fight is just going to suck. I know it. Natsu will trounce him without even trying.

Like I said before, Hiro knows how to set these things up and knock them down so pathetically. All I know is I want to see some dragons, and if everything is resolved without ten thousand dragons coming into the picture I am going to be really disappointed.

I will say again why it is hard to get excited about fairy tail. Hiro Mashima simply can’t take difficult decisions or chances. if he got over that, we could finally start getting somewhere.

HIGHLIGHTS: Lucy dying, of course

MY RATING:> 3/5, this wasn’t a bad chapter, the whole Lucy thing just pissed me off.

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