Eureka Seven coming to Toonami

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That's right, Eureka Seven will be airing on Adult Swim's Toonami block starting next week. With both Deadman Wonderland & Cowboy Bebop ending this week, Toonami is sticking true to its word of avoiding reruns & bringing E7 along with the previsously anounced Samurai 7 to take their place. That's not the only thing chaning though. Fullmetal Alchamist: Brotherhood will be getting pushed back to accommodate the new shows. It is not yet confirmed if Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex will also be getting pushed back or if FMA:B will simply take Bebop's spot. Eureka Seven lasts 50 episodes & has already aired twice on Adult Swim's former anime block through 2006-2008.


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There were two periods of my life where I watched anime on Adult Swim. One was from 2001-2002 and the other was about 2005-2007. The fact that a huge chunk of what the 2012 Adult Swim airs is content I remember watching on the network five years or over a decade ago just doesn't get me excited in the least bit.

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I guess they already had the rights to it, if not its a poor acquisition. (Eureka 7) Though I do give them props on committing to the no reruns theory, but I'm already feeling a little less hyped by this. Weird thought to say, but I feel like a new episode of Deadman Wonderland was more exciting then what little I've seen of either samurai 7 or Eureka 7. Who knows, this will probably make me give both a bigger chance then I have and maybe I'll love it. Either way I'll watch it and support legal broadcast anime.

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Hopefully this leads to a dubbed Eureka Seven Ao.

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Here's a bumper. I'm stoked to try these shows.

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Sigh @ Samurai 7. You can watch this in its entirety on Netflix. I just don't get anyone's logic in this. Is Toonami only interested in showing old content that they've had for years or content that's long been available in HD on other outlets? Or is it a case that getting a tv broadcast does nothing to boost the sales of a series so these anime companies are only giving Toonami scraps? Hopefully Deadman will come out with monster sales numbers and Toonami will be able to put some of this content out to pasture and anime companies will be willing to give them some good, new, and exclusive content.
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