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 I almost cried when I first saw this episode.
 I almost cried when I first saw this episode.
I did not like this series. I saw it when it first debut on Toonami, I was kinda of excited. As I look back on the Dragon Ball Z series, I would say that the Android/Cell Saga was the highlight of the series. The Majin Buu Saga was fun, but not as great as the previous, one disappointing factor is that character Gohan was no longer the most powerful fighter in the universe. Gohan's "mysterious" powers was touted throughout the entire series leading up to the Android/Cell Saga, and what we find out is that it was one big cop-out. But after all that, I was still curious about the GT series.
Before GT made its debut, I heard a lot of things about the GT series; some of them were flat out lies. But one thing that made excited about the GT series was a fighting game call Dragon Ball GT: The Final Bout, for the PSone. It was in 1998 when I first played the game, it was also the Dragon Ball fighting game I've ever played. I liked it back then, mainly because I was young and excited that I was playing a fighting game based on Dragon Ball, but I'm assuming that game isn't great now, and it probably never was. So anyways, I saw all of the characters that were in the GT series. I saw Gohan all grown up for the first time, but the one thing that I was impress by was the the design of Super Saiyan Goku 4.  The design of the character beats the shit out of the previous Goku design such as the Super Saiyan and third iteration. Part of his design consisted of fur, at first I thought it was some sort of a jacket, and he also got his tale back. I eventually saw Vegeta's design in Super Saiyan 4 form, and I was just as impressed. 
 These design look great, but it's a damn shame the WAY they become.
 These design look great, but it's a damn shame the WAY they become.
I started thinking about how would they become Super Saiyan 4. When Goku and Vegeta became Super Saiyans, the plot that was created for them was well done. Goku see the death, that takes place in the Freeza Saga, of his best friend Krillen, which triggers the his Super Saiyan effect. He also says this bad-ass (Kinda of corny) line when Freeza ask him about what Goku's nature was and he reply by saying, "Alley of good, nightmare to you!"  The way Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan is he goes through a near death experience from a rain shower of meteorites in space. Like the heart of a samurai, Vegeta knew that if he fails at a task and dishonors himself , then he has no reason to live. But he finally transcend into the next level. 
So the way they become Super Saiyan 4 would be just as awesome, right?. . . . . .no, it wasn't. When I finally got to see how Goku becomes Super Saiyan 4, first he goes ape-shit by transforming into a giant ape. Then he sees Pan, his granddaughter, and picks her up, Videl starts crying and one of her tears drops on Goku's hand and he becomes Super Saiyan 4; what kind of bullshit is that???  The whole tear thing has been done in other films or animes, like that stupid-ass Pokemon the First Movie; Ash gets turn into stone and the Pokemons cry and their tears bring him back to life, and even that was stupid back then. And the way Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan 4 was even worse, Bulma creates a big ray-gun and shoots it at him so he can become Super Saiyan 4. Talk about fucking lazy, I mean a fucking ray-gun? Yeah fuck the near death experience that he had when he became Super Saiyan in the Android/Cell Saga, the "ray-gun" story-line will defiantly top that.
The overall GT series was just full of disappointment. Most of it was just fan service (You know that episode were all the old enemies from Dragon Ball's past come back from the dead?), and lame/lazy plot development. I heard there was a MMO in the works and the story of that game supposedly ignores the events of the GT series (Good move).  After that disappointing mess of a anime series, Funamation debut Dragon Ball GT: The Lost Episode. . . . . .What??? I never saw that series and what I found out was that Funamation never had trouble getting the rights to these "Lost Episodes" so it was one big con to screw people out of their money when they bought the original series on DVD. Again, I never saw the Lost Episodes and I probably never will.
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I agree that the GT series was lame. I disliked SS4 because it was random compared to the other SS forms, the storylines were just rip-offs of the DBZ series and I wonder what was the point of turning Goku into a kid again while he transforms into an adult in SS4.
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what i didnt like about gt and even in some of the later sagas of dbz was how they completley went away from gohan being really powerful and just turned him into a panzy and i didnt like how in the beginning of gt that they made goku small and i didnt like the fact that they made the dragon all powerful and went away from that the dragon couldnt have more power than his creater and the dragonballs cracking now that was stupid in my mind they should have just continued with dbz or not at all because they just ran out of ideas so i think gt was a big disappointment and i wouldnt even think about buying the box sets of them
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Well, yeah. I agree with you Kou on the "favorite sage" the android and cell saga were such a good way to "end" the series. Hitting a full circle, we've passed the torch almost painfully from father to son, goku earnestly believed that the world would be best served by having new guardians... goku couldn't be expected to save the world forever....
Whoops. Sorry, Goku is the only person who can really, really do anything for the rest of the series. Even attempts to have other characters succeed are just fleeting.
Plus, the Android Saga was felt with great devlopment, as well as more threads to connect Dragon Ball to Z. Besides, it "actually" created a threat that made sense. Not like how every other threat was an age old force 1,000 times more power than the last dude... who was the most powerful being in the future. They pulled that card with frieeza, then they developed robots... then, they created a monster that was a byproduct of all of genes inside these super powerful warriors.
From there on in it was a drain of convient forgetfulness, and "guess we'll kill some time till goku can save us"
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yes i would never say thatdbzis a great series but it was entertaining but gt was just bad the writing horrible even by dragon ball standards    
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