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In case any of you weren't paying attention over the weekend, I wanted to give you a heads-up that along with the return of Required Reading, I added a new feature called Homework.

Homework is basically a couple of writing prompts to get you thinking about some aspects of fandom-- here's my own response to one of them. For the moment it's a totally casual effort, but I'd actually really like to turn it into a weekly contest-- but you guys have to give me a decent enough response to justify it!

Also, if you take the question to an off-site blog, be sure to give me a heads up about it. I want to read any and all responses! This week's questions were:

  1. Find some Takarazuka elements in shoujo manga or anime series-- OTHER than the following: Utena, Princess Knight, Rose of Versailles. Note that the mention or appearance of Takarazuka (such as in Ouran High School Host Club) isn't the same as the series actually containing “elements of” Takarazuka!

  2. Have you ever experienced “fan delusion” (as described in Friedman's article, mentioned above)? Do creators 'owe' fans anything, and if so, what? Do fans owe anything in addition to payment for the creators' works?

Feel free to leave feedback on the idea in the comments-- including what kind of prizes you'd like to see!

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Aww! But Gia-sensei! The weekend is for relaxing...I guess one more homework assignment is okay. I better start working on it!
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Ahh, but I assign it on Saturday and it's not 'due' until Thursday (I'm thinking I'll present it as part of Userday...though Userday is getting awfully long; I may have to split it up into two posts), so it can be done during the week if you prefer! ;)
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Normally I don't mind going into long exposés, especially about anime (how often do I leave a response here or on Jtor that's less than 3 lines long?), but I don't know jack about shoujo, and talking about the relationship between fans and creators is just a giant narcissistic game of who thinks they're better than the other usually (or at least that's usually what it boils down to - "who's more important to who").

I look forward to other future HWs though, assuming I know enough on a topic to formulate a decent point.
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This does sound like an interesting idea.

I don't participate in any manga enough to bother with that, but the second question is an interesting one.  If I don't miss it in my RSS, I might participate.
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For number 2 (Sorry teach, I am skipping number 1... is there an extra credit option?)

Fannish communities sometimes came up with their own 'fannon' for a show.  It's how they would like the show to be, but know it isn't.   I think that coming up with alternate versions and fanfiction is awesome.  I think it's healthy.  But when people cross the line into trying to force people into seeing in that way, or to think that the original canon should conform to them, they need to calm down.   

Some of my friends say things like "He totally is gay! ... in my own personal fannon"  We can enjoy characters and discuss how we wish a show was, without confusing our wishes with reality.  It's nice, we can share our takes without getting into argument or having people get upset.  

Another problem that is tangental to all this, is fans getting thier panties in a bunch over fanfiction.  The whole 'how dare they do that my MY beloved characters' syndrome.  A good example is people who take all the yaoi out there as a personal attack.  Another good example, are yaoi fans who take the het-shippers fic and doujin as a attack on the special, precious love that these 2 (or 3 or 4) guys totally have.  

If some people want to take a show and use it as raw materials to craft their own fannon that is either full of gay, full of het, full of non-sexual warm fuzzies or full of ... whatever, that's fine.  It is not an attack on anything.  This is the sort of delusion that I run into more online.  The idiots who go and read yaoi fanfic and then talk about how it make them sick and therefore all yaoi needs to go away because it's so wrong.   Why do these people always fail to understand that if they go out and deliberatly real yaoi ... they are going to read yaoi, and if they don't like it is it their own fault?  Yaoi does not jump out of the internets and into your eyeballs.  Yaoi is not a seme that strolls up to you and ...  

To get back on topic, I would be sad if creators of ongoing series changed things to cater to the small, loud minority.  I think that would ruin things.  Just cause people are highly visible due to being obnoxious does not mean that they are the majority.  Though, it can be fun to do a little bits of fanservice, like deliberately throw in a line or two that can be taken out of context, or scenes that can be cropped to look ... different than they are.  

If you really wish that a show was different, write it up.  Make screencaps and AMVS.  Share your own personal version with the world.  Fine people with similar tastes.  Have lots of fannish fun with it.  Just don't become a jerk about it.  

And don't forget OTP wars.  Idoits who think that me having an OTP that is different than theirs is a threat?  Though, since OTP means 'One True Pairing' I guess that does kinda imply that all other pairings are invalid.  

Admittedly, yeah, in the wank-ariffic drama-fest that made up the FMA communties that I was on ... the groups I ran screaming from, I did almost get caught up in fan delusion.  Ok, I did get swept up in it a little bit.  But, I got over it as soon as someone pointed out what an idiot I was being :)  (Other FMA groups might have been awesome ... the ones I joined were full of crazy)

Though, I do remember being overly caught up in my FMA OTP was alot of fun.  It did become waaaay too important to me.  

Ok, that is my only semi-on-topic reply to one of two questions.  I am getting a 30% at best.  Do I get extra points for being honest?  Anyway, back to my real homework.  

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I like the homework assignment idea, but I don't know if I care about the topic. Maybe the second when I get more time later this week.
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There are two topics so you can pick whichever one interests you most (or none, if neither do in a given week). They'll change every week. :)
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*remembers that Anno quote to the guy who spent all his money buying Eva merch*
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I am totally skipping number 2. Don't want to piss too many people off~~
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I love the "homework "idea! It's a great way to get people thinking and promote interactivity among bloggers! Way to go Gia! :)
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