Disadvantages to S.A.V.E. program?

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I'm about to buy the S.A.V.E. edition of Welcome to the NHK on Amazon, and I noticed how much cheaper these editions are compared to the original versions listed. This seems too good to be true, even if it is specific to anime licensed by FUNimation. Are these editions missing anything other versions may have by default (e.g. commentary tracks, 'making of' features, bloopers)? If they do, then I just plan on buying a couple volumes of either OLDBOY or 20th Century Boys.

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@Rxanadu: From what I can recall, all the S.A.V.E. versions happen to be complete reprints of the box sets of an anime series and should be able to have all the features that the original ones did. The only differences are the box art (if that should be the case) and the S.A.V.E. sticker on the shrink wrap.

However, please note me if I'm wrong on this, everyone.

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To my understanding, Funimation tends to skim back on special features to a number of their titles when they get re-released in their specialty sets like their Viridian Collection, Classics Line and SAVE sets. I'm not aware of what Welcome to the NHK's special features were when it was released as individual volumes back when ADV used to have it. But I'll use BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad as an example for Funi's habits. When the series was first released as individual volumes, each volume had a decent number of features such as music videos, director commentary, textless versions of the OP and ED and guitar picks. When later re-released in the Viridian Collection set that I currently own, Funi only has the textless OP and ED songs to the show included as special features.
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@Dream: Well, I guess I'll be content with watching the show on Hulu for now. I've already watched the show 3 times, so I really just want some special features that would enlighten the creation process.

In the meantime, I guess I'm getting me some manga!

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S.A.V.E. is where shows go when all other releases have failed (but they think there is a market that will pay $20 or less for it), the license is nearing it's end, and Funi is trying to get the last bit of usefulness possible before sending it out to pasture.

They are usually stripped of features that would be extra video (ie a making of would be gone, but a commentary audio track would still remain) to prevent people from getting of mindset of let's make every release a failure so that they all goto SAVE for chump change later. Having said that, Funimation doesn't really do bonus features that much so in reality, most SAVEs are identical in terms of content.

But anyways, if you really enjoyed the series then you should pick it up. The save is like what? $15-$20?

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