Didn't Make it to Listurday: Top US Anime, Manga Properties

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Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z
Oh, ICv2-- why did you wait to post these? I would have loved to include them in yesterday's Listurday. Nonetheless, the geek news for geek retailers site offers up their top 10 anime and top 25 manga for fall 2008 based on sales, another part of their recent release of the latest Anime/Manga Guide. You won't be very surprised by the top five anime-- Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Afro Samurai, Death Note, and Batman: Gotham Knight. Super popular anime, super popular anime, anime with mainstream crossover appeal, super popular anime, and anime with mainstream crossover appeal? Yeah.

The latter five make me happy: Pokemon, Hellsing Ultimate (this in spite of all the difficulty with Geneon, and FUNimation only reacquiring the license in July!), Devil May Cry, Bleach, and-- bless the lord! --Black Lagoon, also a summer Geneon rescue. (DMC was too, actually.) Huzzah! You may have spotted that FUNimation is the winner here, with five of the top ten titles; VIZ has four and Warner Bros. has one.

As for manga, I won't share the entire list of 25, but I was impressed to see In Odd We Trust-- Del Rey Manga's Dean Koontz “Odd Thomas” graphic novel –round out the top five list,

Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight

after Naruto, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, and Bleach. It's also interesting to see Vampire Knight having bumped Furuba out of the top-shoujo-manga spot, although with the latter ending and the former really just perking up in its English releases, maybe it shouldn't surprise me.

There aren't really many other surprises on this list, although it's worth noting that of the 25 properties, VIZ has the rights to a full twelve of them-- very nearly half. TOKYOPOP only has five, but one of them is Furuba and another is Loveless (#7). Del Rey actually ties with Tpop in having five; the remaining three are two Dark Horse titles (Berserk and Hellsing) and one Yen Press (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, of course, although it just made it to #25).

Speaking of Haruhi, I wonder whether ICv2 will include illustrated novels like the upcoming Haruhi series in the manga properties list? Or if they'll just get ignored as novels? I don't know whether, say, Fullmetal Alchemist illustrated novels get included as part of FMA (#10 on the list) either. Hmm!

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I'm not 100% sure how sales list are made, but if there made how I think there made then The manga Hellsing does surprise me, with all the manga that comes out with like 4 to 5 books a year, a series that only got one volume out this year, at the end of October, still kicks it way on to a list. It really shows how much we love it.
Ya! Yen Press, fight your way to the top.
But I do say it would make me happy as jello if Battle Angel Alita was tagging along on the list too. But O well we all got our favorites.
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Wooo go Dbz!
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i do love dbz. cowboy bebop is one of the best and i love naruto manga better than the anime but anime its also good i like the list tho death note is up there as best anime to me i dont think bleach anime should be on there at all if it were in the top 25 or 50 it could be on there i love bleach well the chars the story is ok but all of them would be nothing without there swords they depend on them to much i don no its just me
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So any comment I leave will inevitably be interpreted as shameless self promotion...
we over that?  Feel free to ignore the rest of my comment if you must.

...so I can't speak to the methods of icv2, but when I'm looking at a series I consider manga, novels, source books, fan books, art books, wall calendars, and sticker collections, and occasionally even odder stuff -- if it can be tracked back to an original manga title it is grist for computational mill.  I'm still mulling over data from sep-dec myself, and the chunk of 2008 for which I have data (about 70%, a statistically significant chunk IMO)  -- and have to work a day job besides so my recaps of Autumn and the year will be forthcoming, um, later

I mentioned VK overtaking Furuba a week ago, in a discussion of manga rankings from three months ago (yeah, I fell behind; September rankings posted to ComiPress on 21 Dec).

my commentary lead-in to the numbers on that post:

Vampire Knight will likely overtake Fruits Basket in April when the 6th volume is finally available -- each volume is ranking quite well (consistantly within the top 50, often better) so even with a volume count that's only one third of Fruits Basket's, I predict it will move from a top 5 title to a top 3 title in the spring.

Rosario+Vampire is trending in the same direction, but hasn't been quite as popular. There is a different dynamic in place here, though:

While releases of Fruits basket have slowed to 3-a-year and Vampire Knight is stretching out to one release every six months, Shonen Jump is putting out a Rosario+Vampire book every other month. By this time next year there may be 10 volumes on the shelf, and each release only bumps up the combined series score.

High School Debut is also on a 6-a-year track, and so may be complete (at 12 volumes) by the end of '09. I don't know if we could infer a 'sales bonus' for complete series (the Death Note effect) but it's possible. Also, if my opinion counts for anything, I like it -- and I'm telling you to give it a shot. 

I did mention the shameless-self-promotion-part, right?
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