Death Note vs Geass influence- which is more powerful?

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So, me and a friend of mine were having a bit of a discussion today, and like everything in life, it ended up being about anime, we came up with a scenario involving Suzaku from Code Geass.

What if Suzaku's name was written down in a Death Note and under the cause of death, it was written "commits suicide" however, he is also still under Lelouch's geass affect which commands him to "Live"

question is, which one would take affect? would the Death Note over power the geass, or vice versa, i personally have a theory, but i wanna hear some other imput!

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Suzaku will die, the Geass can be overpower (look at Nunnally) anyway if he did resist, he'll die of a heart attack

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@Destinyheroknight: yeah that's kind of the conclusion i came up with, rules of the Death Note states that the person's actions can be manipulated only if they are physically capable of doing it, if Suzaku is physically incapable of committing suicide, then he'll have a heart attack.

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Yep, totally agree with you

But you did give me a idea

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Hmm, if it was anything else, I think the Death Note would trump Geass but suicide is a tricky one. The Geass didn't magically keep him alive (ie if he got shot in the head the bullet wouldn't magically bounce off of him or enter his skull yet he takes no injury), it just made him fight really hard to live. I think that would cancel out the suicide option, but like sharingan said, then he'd just die of a heart attack.

Now if it was any other form of death written, I think he'd die by that exact method.

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