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Anyone want to try calculating DBZ power levels outside of the Daizenshuu just for fun?

I'll go first.

SSJ Vegeta whilst fighting Android 19 - Around about 180,000,000. He was definitely more powerful than Goku was when he first transformed given the intense training he was doing and the 3 year time gap. Trunks effortlessly defeated Frieza and I would think SSJ Vegeta = SSJ Trunks or near enough.

Android 18 whilst fighting Vegeta - Probably about 200,000,000?

Cell whilst fighting Android 17 - 210,000,000?

Cell after absorbing Android 17 - 250,000,000?

ASSJ Vegeta whilst fighting Cell - 260,000,000?

Super Perfect Cell - 300,000,000?

FPSSJ Goku whilst fighting Cell - 290,000,000? He was fighting all out against Cell as stated by himself in the manga but Cell was winning. Both Roshi and Goku knew he couldn't win.

FPSSJ Gohan whilst fighting Cell -290,000,000? He seemed to be around the same strength as Goku and you have to remember Cell probably got a big boost in power after eating a senzu.

SSJ2 Gohan - 375-425,000,000. I was originally going to double the FPSS level but then I realised it's a double of the base SSJ level, which after training would have been around 200,000,000 I think.

That's it for now.

Did you enjoy reading it? Think it was rubbish? Want to add your own opinions?

Go right ahead. I always love reading other people's opinions on how strong DBZ characters should have been outside of the official guides.

Edit: Also I know it's not official but the power level of Super Gogeta was stated to be 2,400,000,000. It's believable enough given Gogeta's massive strength. So if we scale upwards SSJ2 Gogeta would be 4,800,000,000 and SSJ3 Gogeta would be 19,200,000,000. SSJ4 Gogeta would potentially have a power level of 24,000,000,000 (Because he turned into SSJ Oozaru which is a x10 boost at a guess).

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I might be totally off though if the power level gradient increases at the same rate as it did during the Frieza saga. They went from power levels around 20,000ish to power levels 100,000,000+ in a very short amount of time.

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@ohgodwhy: The main reason characters power level jumped that high during the Frieza saga was because of Zenkai's. After that the Zenkai's were rarely used so I don't think the levels would be too radical.
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I think they just wanted to get a power level over one million. Compared to the puny power levels of 1000 at the beginning of Z.

After that I take no notice of power levels. They are extremely vague.

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@Supreme Marvel: Yeah I know what you mean. Before, even if someone was just 100 power level higher than someone else they would have a big advantage. Now if someone's 1,000,000 higher it's still a fairly even fight.

Still I like to just look at them because it's always fun comparing stats imo lol.

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Also I have to admit I have seen some ridiculous power levels on other sites. Some people can't even copy the Daizenshuu right and state that Goku had a power level of 15,000,000 when he turned SSJ for the first time. On the other end of the scale some people state that SSJ2 Gohan had a power level of 10,000,000,000 when he fought Perfect Cell. Even though it's not official Gogeta was only stated to have a power level of 2,400,000,000 which is far more believable than that crap.

I just want to make a list that's somewhat believable and lets me waste some time because I'm really bored.

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Maybe saiyans don't have numbers =?

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