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The new DBZ movie has been released online and apparently it's been really popular and every ones loved it giving it rave reviews all over the world. I've watched it and just can't see what the big fuss is about, the story is pretty rubbish, the characters are the same, the comedy is sub par, there is no real tragedy to be resolved, it's basically the same as all the other DBZ movies but just not done as well as the hype would suggest. If anyone else has seen I'd like to know your opinion about the movie.

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I agree. I was actually disappointed. Plot goes like this: there is a new opponent who will destroy the Earth or some other random planet, and he is stronger than anyone so far, so they (most likely Goku) need a new power. It's the same fricking thing all over again. And the "best" part is the reason for destroying the Earth. It's a cup of pudding!!

Animation was amazing, story is C-R-A-P.

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While its story wasn't all that great the movie did manage to open up some room for a new series with the 12 universes if Akira is up for it

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Plot was mediocre. Fighting was good - in fact the camera angles and animation reminind me of the Man of Steel fight between Clark and Zod.

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I loved the movie :)!!!!!

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I thought the movie was interesting and had fun moments. Especially since goku didnt win the the end and bills wasnt a typical villian. All the villians just wanted to destroy earth, bills just wanted to find a worthy opponent. That is totally different from what has been done before. It also leaves room for a bigger story.

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It's the same as always. Bills wanted to destroy the Earth. Over a stupid dessert. I mean come on, Buu wanted to do it because it was built into his nature by Bibidi. Cell, Gero made him the way he is, although he never wanted to destroy the planet until he saw he was losing. Freiza was just a spoilt man with issues. Vegeta, he's a saiyan, just saiyan. :P

I agree with most of you. The story lacked, well anything. It was the same as the rest. New villain. Power up the another level to stop him. Achieve another level. Stop villain. End.

I enjoyed Krillin's new look and Videls new look. Animation was cool. Vegeta was a little out of character. Did I see Bills using pressure point technique on Piccolo?

If it was luck or Vegeta did actually overtake Gohan on power. I find it hard to believe it took him 7 years to get above him after Cell. And only 2 years to get above him when he weren't even on bar with a ssj3.

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@AnimeDefender: Can you watch it subbed yet?

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@Ikki_Minami_: Well yeah I guess, but I have only found the spanish sub version though.

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@AnimeDefender: XD just saw the English sub, Videl got shoot in the leg LMFAO

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@Ikki_Minami_: LOL I laughed so hard at that part, so what did you think of the movie?!

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@AnimeDefender: It was beyond awesome, it made my night lol, I loved it :D

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