DB:E Ripoff? : Dragon"Battle" Evolution?

Topic started by John_Martone on Aug. 30, 2009. Last post by John_Martone 5 years, 7 months ago.
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So... there was once this movie called X-Treme Fighter (or Sci-Fighter, dependent on region.) Despite being one of the lowest budget, worst movies I've heard of recently, they producers decided to release the movie in Japan. In their infinte wisdom, they decided to flagrantly rip off another movie...
Aren't there laws against things like this? Dragon"Battle" Evolution? You've got to be kidding me. Their movie (please don't watch the trailer) is about dudes who get stuck in a VR fighting game. What the heck?
Yeah, that's right, the movie is so terrible I'm not even going to embed the terrible trailer. I'll link it, but that's all you get.
(Via Canned Dogs)
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I almost thought this was a movie from The Asylum studios but they are to busy with there new 40 Year Old Virgin rip-off. So that means now we have two (or more) GOD AWEFULL!!! studios running around leeching of the success of big budget movies (this time not really the case) by making similar ones in the hope that some fool mistakes one for another.
Anyways i hope to see the review of this in Film Brain`s Bad Movie Beatdown :P
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one word: Transmorphers
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Absolute crap!  Its so bad that I want to stab my eyes! >_<  And that's just watching the trailer!  Its not even a B-movie, its a D-List movie!  On the bright side, I did laugh at the stupidity of it all.
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so they make a crap based on another crap....
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@damswedon said:
" one word: Transmorphers "
5 words: Mega-shark vs. Giant Octopuss
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@damswedon said:
" one word: Transmorphers "
More than meets the...  um...  eyes!  Plural!
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I'm disappointed in Cynthia Rothrock whoring out her skills to crappy movies like this and undefeatableXP
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@Ruby_Alexandrine: I tried to warn you. The trailer was so bad I wouldn't even embed it.
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