Damn...looks like Bleach is almost over.

Topic started by Rexic on Oct. 7, 2010. Last post by EganTheVile1 4 years, 5 months ago.
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After reading the new chapter,it seems that Ichigos powers really ARE going to completely fade.The whole chapter had a ending type of feel to it.I will be somewhat sad if it ends now,but..after defeating Aizen and Ichigo having no powers,there would be nowhere else to go.But you know what?I think I can accept it if its the end.And I have a feeling the last lines will be "My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and ever since I could remember,I've been able to see the souls of the dearly departed."
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@Rexic: Said it before, and said it again. 
Kubo Tite has announced that there are two story arcs of Bleach left.
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Is this a good thing?  I wouldn't know since I don't read Bleach.
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If they had decided that this was the end, then that would have been a very nice ending to it. However there are two more story arcs coming, I had my doubts about that but nobody would put in a two week break right before they end a series.
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 Doesn't he still have some form of hollow powers though? Also I 'm betting that his dad also did the final getsuga tensho and eventually got his powers back after spending like 20 years or something as a human or whatever. I'm guessing Urahara will have something that Ichigo can do to get back his shinigami powers.
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@JJOR64 said:
" Is this a good thing?  I wouldn't know since I don't read Bleach. "
It's a good thing for the manga.  It's been pretty terrible on a regular basis for the past few years.  Based off of filler arcs and the movies, I think the manga writer is probably the worst person when it comes to making good Bleach content. 
Also, I don't think this is the end.  Bleach is still popular and two more arcs could last forever.  I think everything that happened in Hueco Mundo was one arc, and that's like 50+ chapters.
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About damn time I say. 
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It was a great story, that became a good story, that became an OK story, that became in general crap with a few good moments peppered in glad they plan to end it before it totally sucks
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