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state the name of your main character, male or female  
weather its catagory action adventure, comedy or horror etc. 
list co stars, harem or regular 
does he have powers 
setting of place, school, medeval etc. 
spin offs of a series are allowed 
ill make my own after i see results so go nuts!
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come on
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i'll just continue DBZ going
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when i say spin off i mean like you could use a certain universe but you cant use the original main characters but make ones of your on sorry if i wasnt specific enough
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@DBZ_universe said:
" i'll just continue DBZ going "
Lol. I agree
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@Jinbeifan1 said:
"@DBZ_universe: when i say spin off i mean like you could use a certain universe but you cant use the original main characters but make ones of your on sorry if i wasnt specific enough "

well it will be tough making an anime show so ppl can enjoy.....  
i would make a anime show that all anime characters meet in one place cuz they met with a demension portal and now they have to phase the most powerful guy they ever phased before!!!! them selves!!!! even tho it sounds weird and makes no sense at all!!!  
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i actually like that all though for me i would only have the "Big Three" meet. naruto and ichigo could use someone like luffy to cheer them up lol
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What about this for an idea. 
The story takes place in our world, where (obviously) not too many exciting things happen. The main character is a young man who desperately wants to change that. To him the world is just a story book in which he is the hero, and so he sees other people as props, nothing more than plot devices to keep the story moving. As the story goes on he makes many friends, but at best sees them as tools which will help him create that "fantasy life" that he has longed for.
Just something I thought up while playing Persona 4, a story of someone who only sees the people around him as social links.
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I know this doesn't follow the format you wanted, but I honestly just want Kenji Kamiyama to direct like a miniseries that takes place in the Inception universe. Oh my god that would be awesome.
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Already plotting two. Here is one that is fleshed out.
Main: Lilly (female) 

Main: Nathanial (male)
Type: Horror/comedy/action/romance
Co-stars: Basically the entire world... to many to bother to list.
Powers: Nate is a Feind (think like pokemon Digimon type of shiz) and is controlled by Lilly's book (consider zatch bell) which she reads and throws attacks from. When Nate is hurt it bleeds with him, yet when he defeats (eats/kills) another feind their powers and strength become his own.
Setting: It's a rather normal setting of present day cept every fifty  to 100 years (haven't decided) the first born child of each family much participate in the game of feind. A game which both feind and human companion can be killed and eaten by other feinds. There is no age limit, and no passing it off to someone else. You play the game, or be eliminated. 
Lilly is a human girl and her parents created Nate's feind body when he was ten. They were both childhood friends (kinda) with Nate having a crush on her, he disappeared (kidnapped) and wasn't seen until about 12 years later to be Lilly's personal feind and help her win the 'game' and one unlimited 'wish' Knowing of Nates feelings toward Lilly they knew he'd be a better partner. And so He and Lilly fight off the other friends in fair tourney style or just out in the streets, casualties are common. There are safe areas, like hospitals and so on, but mostly your own your damn own.
You get stronger, or you could end up dead. 
Yes i've drawn characters for this and I do try and plan to do a comic. XP
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i always had an idea for a comic or some such thing about a girl who was revived from death by Anubis.
i never actually took the time to think up super specific details, but this has made me think about it.
thanks for that... :3
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I would not want any cliches in mine. It would be awesome like ghost in the shell. 
When i mean awesome like ghost in the shell, i mean waaaaayyy to serious. But still freakin' awesome.
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sorry for late response but u guys have good ideas! maybe if its possible u guys could show me some art from ur ideas thatd be sweet
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all ready made one,but its still under construction
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I like that idea :D
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I would like to see a series made about an apartment building(really)and they old man\woman who lived there all their life,it could move through the decades as the series went on,or maybe the decades dont have to follow in chronalogical order,,its good because it would have a large cast of characters and if something was bad it would be easy to remove it from the series,,could have a great happy ending for the old person or something,,
Failing that i would settle for a uboat anime.
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I'm making my own manga right now that is inspired by Dragonball z and Garouden/Baki
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Main: P.L . ,age 25.
Powers: His whole body is surrounded by some metal that is extremely though but extremely malleable and that he an transmute into anything(claws,bat-like wing,machine guns,swords,etc.). He is of a specie named the dhamvers
Personnality:sadistic,highly intelligent, sociopath he is a mix between ALucard and Edward Elric(Alucard's evil and Ed's transmutation and intelligence) . The reason he is so "evil" is because all his life he has been hated and mistreated abused my his mother abandonned by his father , he was also the schools reject. At age 17 he murders everybody at his school and every famil
Purpose:He fights other Dhamvers and kills them to become he number one
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I can't think of any specific story or characters, but my ideal anime to make would definitely be one with maybe 7 main characters.  I'd want it to go for an episode count in the mid to low 30s.  The story starts when everyone is in their teens and they're all friends.  The world they live has some sort of problem where you can see that eventually a revolution or war is going to take place.  I'd spend the first 26 episodes of the series just exploring the lives of the each friend, setting up the world and showing how they all get along and interact with each other.  I'd really want anyone watching to have a complete grasp of the characters and who they are as people.  A few episodes before 26, the conflict that's going on in the world finally reaches it's boiling point.  There'd basically be a riot/revolt happening and chaos.  Within those episodes, somebody has to die by accident in a way that's so quick that characters don't really have time to react to it.  The group eventually gets separated and depending on the mood I'm in, another character will either get murdered or perhaps raped.  Or maybe it'll be a couple and the boy is killed while his girlfriend is raped in front of him.  Anyways, by the end of the first half the group is separated and they've all gone through hell.
The remaining episodes of the series fast forwards a few years and we see all the characters as adults, the riot has turned into a full blown war.   I'd spend the remainder not really focusing on the war, but focusing on how everyone is coping with the war.   The war would really just be their to give the me and the writers reasons to send one person here or there, for two characters to meet, for a person to die, etc.  I'd really want to work hard so that, having seen the early episodes that focused on each individual kid, seeing their personality and all of the inter-relationships between them and the others, you can see how they ended up in their current situation and what's given them the outlook on life that they now have.  Some people would join the military, some would be in rebel army, some would be regular citizens just living through it all but they'd all have flaws and scars from their experiences as teens that really is impacting their life.  I'd probably have another person die during the time skip (probably the girl who raped and it'd be a death via suicide... or maybe I'd keep her alive and if we'd establish her personality as being strong, maybe she's actually the one coping the best with everything that happened).
I don't like happy endings since practically everything ever made in any medium ends that way and it bores me, especially for films that aren't happy-go-lucky.  For this show, I wouldn't resolve the war at all and I wouldn't completely tie up every character to a closed book state.  Those aren't the type of endings I usually like, but I would like to end each character's arc in a way where you can see what path they're going down and whether or not they'll ever be able to heal/escape from their past.  The way that the first FMA TV series ends is kinda what I'm going for.  Ed and Al's issues aren't completely resolved 100%, but I felt satisfied because it seemed like things were going to go in one way for them and I was ok with that, even though I didn't know every exacting detail about it. 
When I first got into anime, the stuff that really drew me in was the stuff that was radically different from American cartoon.  The depressing nature of some early shows I watched really latched stuck with me I'd never seen a cartoon that could draw more than laughs or "whoa, cool fight" out of me.  The show I'd want to make would be basically be something that I would have wanted to watch when I first got into anime. 
... that was longer than I thought it would be.
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