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we all have seen a lot of animes and new mangas that look too familiar . In terms of plot ,attacks ,weapons, powers, names, design  etc.  
anime inspired by other anime characters. 
comics  copied from anime characters . 
and thats MARVELS Sun wukong a.k.a  the monkey king  (2011)
and thats MARVELS Sun wukong a.k.a  the monkey king  (2011)
 unrelated movies which copies off other anime stories. 


Unrelated games inspired by anime characters. 

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This thread seems kind of pointless , I mean it not secret that DBZ inspired other animes . The sun wukong thing , I believe that Goku was inspired by him so yeah he is a copy. You can't assume that SF was inspired by DB/Z , you need proof

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i ment ryu's  hadouken , it looks like a exact copy of gokus kamehameha 
anyway even after not considaring  db franchise there  are still other similar characters . 
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@flashback180: Like I said you can't assume also SF fans could say the same about Goku

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Geez, that Hitsugaiya is a straight knock off of the other dude. Similar hair, similar looking dragons.

I'll contribute one and list Sasuke Uchiha as pretty blatant copy of Kirupika and Killua from Hunter x Hunter. Similarities:

- Magic eyes

- Coming from a wiped out clan

- Seeking revenge on those who wiped out his clan

- Intense animosity towards his older brother

- Lightning based powers

Those things are Sasuke. Those are like his defining traits. You take away the stuff that wasn't in Hunter x Hunter first and it's not even the same character anymore.

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I've seen a striking trope of a girl side-character that acts somewhat as a "guide" and boy protagonist such as in Bleach, Strike the Blood, and Buso Renkin. All involved in fighting/supernatural themes.

is there an origin for this?

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Can't think of an origin. It could be Dragon Ball, Goku and Bulma. It's a popular trope that appeals to heavy male demographics. Who wouldn't want a cute girl fighting by your side?

  • Rave Master - Haru Glory and Elie
  • Fairy Tail - Natsu and Lucy
  • Strike the Blood - Kojo and Yukina (harem)
  • Campione - Godou and Erica (harem)
  • Buster Keel - Keel and Lavi
  • Seven Deadly Sins - Meliodas and Elizabeth

Campione and Strike the Blood are pretty similar.

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Yeah I watched HXH around 4 years ago but it was after Naruto. I immediately saw the correlation between Sasuke and Kurapica. Also I hate to say it but the 4 Heavenly Kings greatly emulate the 4 disciples of Hokuto Shin Ken from Hokuto no Ken. Toriko/Kenshiro, Zebra/Raoh, Coco/Toki. The exception to this is Sunny/Jagi. Those 2 have absolutely nothing in common. I'd also say the majority of Bleach's plot emulates Hakusho, not just Toshiro/Hiei. Also Sasha from Seikon no Qwaser and Tasha Godspell both greatly resemble Allen Walker of D. Gray Man, but especially Sasha, down the the silver hair and red mark over the left eye. You also find a lot of correlations between Ao no Exorcist and D. Gray Man. And lastly Claymore emulates Berserk a lot. They both take place in a medieval time period, they are both swarming with demonic creatures, both main characters are armored and wield a giant long sword, both are almost devoid of humor, both main characters are very hesitant to form alliances but way down the road they do, both lost an arm, both have a berserker state, both series have very high amounts of gore and some nudity, both live primarily for the sake of revenge against 1 person and they go crazy every time they see them and so on. But don't get me wrong, I like all of the series I just mentioned, most of them a lot. It is difficult to be original, maybe impossible to be 100% original. It's just some emulations are blatantly obvious.
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Nice write up! I haven't seen Hunter x Hunter, and I was amazed at the similarities. For Hokuto Shin Ken, I'm not familiar with the series, but I will check it out. I'm really curious about the series. I did remember Allen Walker and Sasha on Bigz007's Totally look alike anime characters thread or was it another thread.

Another thing I notice: D. Gray-Man and Bleach's Akuma and Hollows share common evolutionary traits. As Akuma and Hollows evolve, they become more humanoid, powerful, and smarter.

I forgot to put down the Fairy Tail and Buster Keel Similarities and Differences blog. The two series have very strong similarities. I remember when folks said Fairy Tail is a rip off of One Piece. I do see the similarities. I usually get shock and awe when I inform folks about Buster Keel. It's such an obscure manga series.

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Pokémon and Digimon.

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@DBZ_universe: No and yes

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Dinozaurs pretty much completely emulated Beast Wars Transformers' concept of mechanical beasts that could transform into powerful robots.
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Where do we start?

@takashichea: Add 666 Satan (Ruby Crescent and Jio Freed) to that list

Yammy and Ulquiorra are Nappa & Vegeta, they appear the in similar circumstances, do similar stuff (Like killing a bunch of people) fight the second stringers and then fight the protagonist, the difference is that Ichigo sucks balls

Abel Nightroad and Vash the Stampede are the same character, one is a Vampire of Vampires the other is a Plant Man, both are idiotically pacifists

Put the Kamen Rider franchise side to side with Doctor Who and prepare to be amazed

  • Iconic series on their country of origin
  • Long Running
  • Cancelled at the end of the 80's
  • Tried to rebirth during the 90's and failed miserably thanks to a different approach
  • Came back from its ashes in the 00's
  • After a change in management the series got better effects, better cameras and a new underlaying storyline after 2010 (Neo Heisei Riders and 11th Doctor (Moffat's Run)
  • Many incarnations that share many similtudes in modus operandi (Sonic Screwdriver meet Rider Kick) yet distinct personalities
  • Emblematic Villains (Daleks and Shocker)
  • Many Crossovers including different incarnations
  • Multiple genres depending the series
  • Some series are loved, others despised with enthusiasm.
  • Originally had laughably bad effects but in the new incarnations it got a bit better.
  • Try to hire really damn good writers (Gaiman and Urobuchi)
  • Are parodied to no end
  • Their classical series is widespread extended through the world and translated (Curiosly both in Central America)
  • Old Incarnation tend to treat new incarnations as Kohai
  • Recently had an imporant anniversary 40th and 50th
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