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So this is a really awesome idea. This person connected a series of different verses using cameos, dlc, and other cool stuff. And there are so many more to be made. I have a few that stem all the way to the Disney verse. But My biggest one is connecting the current web they made to the Shounen verse.

Check it:

So the current web connects the Street Fighter verse pretty soundly. Street Fighter connects to Tekken via Street Fighter X Tekken. Tekken connects to the Naruto verse via Lars Alexandersson in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Naruto characters connect to the rest of the Shounen verse via Jump Ultimate Stars which has Ichigo, Luffy, everyone from Shounen Jump. Also we could take the short route. Yugioh was connected into the web in the video. Yugi was also featured in Jump Ultimate Stars so that's a connection right there. So using this series, we can say that the Mushroom Kingdom is connected to the DBZ verse, Naruto verse, Bleach verse, One Piece verse, and most others you can think of. Pretty cool huh?

So see what other connections you guys can make and see how far this web really goes.

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