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Well, haven't we all been having a very interesting past two weeks? There was no Anime Vice Community Spotlight last week thanks to the internet kind of imploding on us all at the Whiskey Media Community. It all started early on Thursday and didn't get cleared up until later into the weekend. Now, any other internet site group would of taken that as the perfect excuse to call it a long weekend, cut off work, and spend time with their friends and loved ones. Not these guys working at Whiskey Media. They went out of their way to put on "something" for the audience to watch. They put on a radio live-show and took questions for hours, they still managed to have the Giant Bomb TNT show, and their Happy Hour Live Show, as well. On top of all of this, they held the Mortal Kombat Scrub League Tournament. The staff over at Whiskey Media gathered to have a tournament for Mortal Kombat. Even if you missed it live, you can see the whole thing again HERE. I really recommend you watch this. It was awesome, and I hope it's not the last one.

I think the whole Whiskey Media Staff deserve a huge round of applause for working through all this trouble and for putting on some really entertaining content when they could of just taken a break. It shows a serious level of dedication to what they do each week. They probably even deserve a raise. (WM Staff, feel free to PM this post to your bosses on mass.)

That was last week, and this is this week. I also want to take the opportunity to introduce everyone to the new Whiskey Media intern Undeadpool. He's been doing some fine work and uploading trailers for anime series on the site.  If there is an anime/manga trailer you'd like to see added, check out the Anime/Manga Trailer Suggestions forum post. There you can post a video link to a trailer you might like see be added to the site's official trailers segment. Just remember, make sure it's stuff that is either a recent release or something that isn't out yet.

After the VILLAINS Task Initiative, The Anime Vice staff tried a little something different. The task for this week has been based completely around the series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima, and it's been a real hit. Tasks are getting made and completed in a flash. It's been the work of users such as takashichea, Annabanana, Buhssuht, Obsidian609, Wales, and others. I love seeing this sort of dedication to a series. If there are other series that you'd like to see get this kind of specific attention. Speak up in the comments.

Anime Vice Task Initiative: Image Captioning:  HERE 
Anime Vice Task Initiative: Wiki Style Guide:  HERE   
Task Queue Theme of the Week: Fairy Tail -  HERE  
Anime/Manga Trailer Suggestions: HERE
Character Format List: 

Wonderful Wikis

I thought with this week I would spotlight several characters from the completed Fairy Tail tasks, so far.


Anime Vice Character Formatting List 11 MORE!! (by: FoxxFireArt) HERE
First Impressions Video: Deadman Wonderland (by: sickVisionz) HERE
My Thoughts on Spring 2011 Anime Titles (by: Dream) HERE
WonderCon 2011: My Non-Superhero Experience (by: CalAggie) HERE
Dunce Cap: Cats Cause Trouble in Paradise (by: sotyfan16) HERE
Spring 2011 Anime View: Overview & new first impressions (by: metalsnakezero) HERE
2011 Convention List and Features on Cosplaying (For AnimeVice) (by: ShadowKnight508) HERE

Formidable Forums

AlphaVictor #11: Tokyo, it's Merry, and it's Poppin'! (by: DocHaus) HERE

Remember, if you would like to submit something for the Spotlight. You can send me a PM, but please be sure to add "Spotlight" to the subject line. Get to work, and make more content for the next Spotlight!! Jana!!
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The link to the review is faulty and its not even on the forums....

Otherwise its a good list this time. Keep it up people ^^
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I love Fairy Tail (as made evidence by the over 20 some odd thousand wiki points I have on their pages) so it's great to see that it's finally getting some tasks on it. Hopefully one of these days I can get my name up here on one of these community spotlights but Wales is a good pal of mine and he does do tons of wiki edits so it's great seeing him get props.
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Thanks for featuring my blog on the upcoming conventions that I will be taking cosplay photos and doing interviews, FoxxFireArt. Glad to see the Community Spotlight make it's return after the 3 Day Whiskey Media Outage of 2011.

To everyone that was featured in this spotlight, kudos on your hard work.
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Awesome work AV! I hope to get some more things done for next week. It's really hard with my new job to keep up with vids 2x a week though. But I did just order 6 Blu-ray movies/boxsets so look forward to them!!
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Online Now
I submitted this very early Friday.

I don't know what it is, but the Spotlight never seems to do all that well when published at the beginning of the week.
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Good job everyone!
Most of the pages were the bounties that Anna completed and some are Buhssuht.
 I got to hone my writing skills more.
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