Characters with the most wasted potential

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Sumiko Sumimura.

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sasuke. DEFINTELY sasuke.

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@Kurohige: Agreed. So many from Bleach I regret to say.

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@taichokage: Yeah I guess we can add 79 percent of the sternritter too....

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Every single final arc villains bar Enishi, Gein & Kujiranami in Rurouni Kenshin. The final arc, despite being the best arc of Rurouni Kenshin focused only on Kenshin & Enishi, with Kujiranami & Gein being the only ones who got some characterization, as opposed to most of Shisho's goon squad getting some character fleshing. 
You can also add majority of characters from Naruto (who were demoted to extra after Otsutsuki family hijacked everything in Naruto) & Fairy Tail (Nakama speech>everything else). 
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Ouro Banchou's team, from Kongou Banchou. I mean, sure, they beat up one of the Dark Student Council members, but they never really lived up to being any more than hyped fodder to me. It was a shame, too...their powers and personalities looked like they would've been quite the contrast to Kongou's friends.

Also, Haiji, from Hungry Joker. His powers and characterization were growing at a nice, steady, eveny paced rate, while the manga was in its early stages. But once it got towards the (forced, tragic) end, Haiji's transformation, both in power and in character, seem so...rushed. Bumped ahead. Like, he just skipped straght from point D to point Z, withoutbso much as a proper warning...he could've been so much more defined.

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king cold and mecha freeza

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